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  1. Hi Everyone, I am testing my first SaaS product these days during which we found the need to change our hosting from dedicated servers to Cloud servers to cut some cost as we scale. We found out that AWS is a good option but further simplify our job we are exploring options for managed cloud hosting platforms. Plus our SaaS app is made using Magento and I see in one of their web page folds Cloudways is offering hosting for Magento SaaS. Is it a good option to try? whereas their competitor is not really offering this thing upfront. So is it a good option to test a SaaS on a managed hosting
  2. Hi Everyone, Choosing an agency for your business is not an easy task. I afraid that most of the agencies not providing quality work. In fact, most of those agencies will get the project from you and outsource the work to some other agency. I recently read about these agency "Limesharp, Syncrony Digital, Zaproo" What services they offer is listed into this Ecommerce agencies blog. But need recommendation to select which one agency for my ecommerce business. Thanks,
  3. Hi Everyone, I was googling about PHP based ecommerce platform hosting reviews, Where I found interesting hosting provider who offer reliable hosting but I am not sure which one should I go! I saw a discussion in Facebook groups about cloudways who offer managed ecommerce website hosts. But wanted to know about their services is anyone experience cloudways?
  4. I am hearing some of the following plugins. - Alidropship - Woodropship - Dropified - Dropship.me - Shopmaster If you want to start your ecommerce store using woocommerce following above mention plugin good for you.
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