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  1. Sure this above answer will help you. I have also this issue and I solved through your answer. Thanks for sharing your valuable answer to us.
  2. Which type of Magento Hosting extension ?
  3. Gmail is one of the best emails of professional purpose.
  4. Yeah, There are multiple forums to allow an outbound link using a Signature. We can this one Do-Follow link.
  5. We all know that the basis of all web sites is web hosting. it helps us attract visitors; it creates the databases which are indispensable for the online business owners; it allows the business to deliver ideas, products, and services; it displays what we are desperately trying to get across; it allows us to survive in the cutthroat internet world. While these are all important qualities that come with web hosting, there are many other opportunities.
  6. I am using Wix for creating a dynamic website. So I will the first preference for Wix. I love it ☺️
  7. I want to buy new hosting if anyone has a good suggestion on it please helps me?
  8. I would like to answer the question see the following steps to choose good domain: Keep it short and clear. This makes it easy to remember and reduce the chances of mistyping or misspelling your web address. Keep it related to the business or use keywords. Try finding a domain which represents your business. You may also choose those keywords which describe your services or have the same name as your product. Target Audience. You can choose the name according to your target audience. Domain Extension. Choose the extension according to your purpose of the
  9. It is a good question. If you want to increase traffic on your blog or website. I will suggest you read the basics of SEO in On-Page Optimization or Off-Page Optimizations. If will have posted blog then promote on digital channels.
  10. Hello @kilobyte, I would like to answer the question Create your own portfolio website means to promote yourself. You can add about yourself and what you are working now. Make the best design for your website. See, I'm talking about portfolio not blogging so keep your website small and clean. If someone impressed by your website he/she can hire you for freelancing and pay you.
  11. The challenge of designing and optimizing a database can be invigorating. It’s not boring at all unless rising to a challenge and succeeding at it is boring.
  12. Here are some of the best Free Help desk software you can find on the Internet: osTicket HelpDesk Z SolarWinds Web Help Desk Liberum Faveo Help desk Spiceworks Hesk They are completely Free and you can deploy them in a small to medium enterprise environment easily. HTH!
  13. You can learn SQL. It is one of the popular languages for web database development. From there you can create a MySQL database for your site.
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