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  1. PHP is mainly focused on server-side & command line scripting as well as it is used in all major operating systems like Linux, windows, etc. With PHP there is a choice of choosing an operating system and a web server but Html is the simplest programing language through which we can rule the display of webpage through coding. For development, both are required and we can't compare these two technologies.
  2. It is true that nowadays we all are using HTML 5 which is far advance then HTML, but for a fresher, I will recommend learning HTML first then switch to Html 5 as it is the base and it will make HTML 5 very easy for you. HTML 5 is the base of Language and very simple, it would hardly take 14 days to learn.
  3. There are so many different ways to earn money from the website. Examples: Adsense, Adwords, SEO, Product based websites, Affiliate marketing and so on. But to earn well, you should go for Google Adsense. You'll get money for placing advertisements on your blog/website while the advertiser gets the audience for which he pays Google and then after cutting the certain percentage of commission it pays you for each click done on your page. With doing Google Adsense, People earn thousands of rupees in a month.
  4. Getting Adsense approved isn't the easy thing. If your Adsense got rejected, make sure to follow all the given guidelines for Adsense account. Google allows Adsense to only a few and genuine users who are dedicated to earning money online by updating content, doing high-quality work. Please follow these:- These guidelines includes: Apply with the top level domain. You should be the owner with root access. Content quality must be high. Check your age. Check the site's compliance with AdSense policies. Length of site ownership. Check the site's primary language.
  5. There are so many Online SEO tools which are very useful while performing SEO activities. Below are a few of the best tools 1. Small SEO tools 2. Ahref 3. Semrush 4. Spyfu 5. Yoast SEO 6. SEO Quake
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