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  1. FOR THE QUESTION YOU HAVE ASKED, IN MY OPINION, THE ANSWERS GIVEN WITH OPEN SOURCE E COMMERCE SOLUTIONS LIKE MAGENTO, OPENCART, WOOCOMMERCE, VIRTUEMART ARE NOT RELEVANT. BECAUSE, THESE E COMMERCE SOLUTIONS ARE MORE THAN 10 YEARS OLD. Next, I'm not sure if I have to answer your questions stating the newest eCommerce solutions in the market or the solutions built on the latest technologies. However, I strongly believe that technologies matter too and today, although 80 percent of the websites' backend is built on PHP, the recent and futuristic NodeJS technology is seeing a popularity among modern Developers. So, I would like to answer your question on two lines - first, based on the recent entry into the market and not older ones like OpenCart or Magento that exists for more than last 12 years. And second, based on the technology on which these new entries have been built on. Because, I strongly think that technology that matter a lot. Now, coming to NodeJS, although as already mentioned, PHP has been popular for over years, NodeJS is now being adored by many Developers because, of its scalability and performance. Using NodeJS, an eCommerce website can be built not only at low cost, but a result of high performing, fast and speedy application can be seen. Spurtcommere , an opensource eCommerce solution built on NodeJS with Angular for front end, was launched 2 years ago. Now, from past 3 months, we are seeing a tremendous progress of Spurtcommerce in the market. From last three months, they have constantly worked on improving Spurtcommerce and they released their V.2.2 being the current version and now they have already started working on V.2.3. The solution has been developed by an experienced team of Developers, who are experts in NodeJS and in addition, they hold an extensive experience in eCommerce Industry. The team behind Spurtcommerce is constantly striving towards improving Spurtcommerce,So you can use the latest technology for your website development. Spurtcommerce is an open source eCommerce platform, built on NodeJS and Angular. You may download their eCommerce platform for free and that comes with complete source code. You can tweak the solution for your requirement. For more information, visit www.spurtcommerce.com.
  2. some of the technologies are... Symfony. ... Angular JS. ... React.js. ... Asp.net. ... Node.js. ... Meteor. ... Laravel. If you are looking to take care of the back-end e-commerce web development tools, Laravel is one of the tools that are an absolute must in your toolkit... piccosoft develop Technologies we are well versed are: Nodejs, AngularJS, PHP, CodeIgniter , Laravel, Python, Ionic for mobile app development, MeanStack.Development services for over 8 years now. they are committed to on-time delivery and quality.they have established Clientele across various cities in India and UK as well. they have worked in different domains and we specialize in NodeJS, AngularJS, PHP, Ionic Mobile App Development and Python Development. For more information about your company, visit Web development technologies ,Mobile app development. www.piccosoft.com
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