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  1. A PHP framework provides a basic structure for streamlining the development of web apps. Here is the best PHP frameworks. Laravel CodeIgniter Symfony CakePHP Zend Framework
  2. Hello everyone! Which is the top techniques used in off-page SEO?
  3. Yah! Social media is good and the best way of attracting new customers. Using social media allows your customers to connect and interact with your business. If you already have an established brand, social media might be an opportunity to further develop your brand and give your business a voice. We build and maintain relationships with social media.
  4. Voice Search SEO is that you can search by the talking the smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even some desktop computers. It is the biggest trends that is likely to affect the way users land on your websites, also it is the future of the web search. You can read here: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/voice-search-optimization-strategies/261115/
  5. It is very important to have a mobile friendly website. Mostly internet users use smartphones to view websites, blogs and social media and Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites over those that are not in mobile search results. The Google algorithm change that occurred in 2015 tweaked the way Google displays mobile search results.
  6. HTML first. Learn what all of the tags are used for, and how they relate to semantics and web standards. CSS second. Learn how to do various layouts (floats, inline-block, flexbox, grid, etc), and how this can be implemented on everything from a small module to a full-page. You can search & learn from Google, W3schools and many more sites
  7. alexjames

    What is CakePHP

    CakePHP is free and open source development framework for PHP. It is a foundational structure for programmers to create web applications. The CakePHP framework provides a robust base application and the framework follows the principles of MVC, it allows you to easily customize and extend most aspects of your application. You can learn from the online tutorials.
  8. Hello friends, What are the most effective tools of digital marketing?
  9. HTML is not a programming language. It is a Hypertext Markup language which describes the structure of web pages and used as front-end development. PHP is an open source, server-side scripting language which will be used for development of dynamic web applications and websites etc.
  10. Social media gives referral traffic. If you’re adding links to your website on your social media posts, and have certain links on your social media profiles, you are directly your audience to your website. Most times you can get good referral traffic and Search Engine Optimization helps you to rank organically for relevant keywords by adding the relevant keywords as well as optimizing the website.
  11. Guest posting is that where you write an article and post it on someone else’ blog or website with their author bio. If he agrees to publish your content then the post will be called guest post. Guest posting is an important part of off-page SEO as it allows to get backlinks from relevant sources which will not only prove your authority but also drive traffic.
  12. UX design has a direct and powerful impact on your SEO rankings through the various metrics that search engines use to track user engagement. It helps you understand how users engage and interact with your website, RankBrain is the third most important ranking factor this update is related for the UX design.
  13. All thing are good and try to do for guest posting and forum posting so you can get the better result.
  14. The Google keyword planner is a great tool, but there are quite a few other great options out there. Here are some of the best tools in the market: Wordtracker SEMRush Wordstream Serpstat Longtail Pro
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