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  1. I think yes, artificial intelligence as well as augmented reality that will be based on AI will growing and we wil lsee more and more implementations in real life. Just read this article https://perfectial.com/blog/augmented-reality-in-business/ about the augmented reality in business and you will see it.
  2. Sorry for bumping such an old thread but this topic is actual at any time. There are two ways to protect your PC I know. Forst, you can switch on Windows Defender if you domnot want to use the external antivirus software. I have found a lot of replies about the effectivity of the native Windows Defender but I do not oprefer to use it. I can recommend you Malwarebytes Premium to detect and delete and malware and Norton Antivirus Plus to find and delete viruses from your PC as well as to protect you when you are browsing online.
  3. It is strange that you try to cpompare PC and mobile games as they differ in all aspects. But fi we can say that Mobile LEgends are similar to League of Legends so we can discuss the difference between dota 2 and lol. First of all, I think that it si better to play such games on PC but not in the mobiles. It is my opinion but I think you can get more gaming experiecne playing PC versions. As for me both games are good and have theri advantages and disadvantages. It cna be ahrd to display all of tehm and at the same time it can be hard to tell all differences. The best way to learn th
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