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  1. I once dealt with this field, in addition to experience in the field of development, experience from the medical field is needed here. Professionals should know how this structure works.
  2. This is a good tactic to increase sales through your online store website. But in this case, you need to prepare the website itself to implement this solution. In particular, I had to hire specialists in the development of embedded software https://sirinsoftware.com/services/embedded-software-development-services/ These are necessary costs that soon paid off.
  3. It is better to use a reliable antivirus, for me it is Kaspersky Internet Security.
  4. I am using Chrome as my main browser. This is the optimal solution for many users. I recently came across a dark search bar issue in Chrome. This is not critical, but it annoyed me a little, I found a way to solve this problem. I just don't remember any other bugs in this browser.
  5. I am also a beginner but quickly got used to Ubuntu.
  6. Hello guys. I have a few questions that concern my speech for speaking in college. I have never spoken to a large audience, so I worry. I have theses that I wrote for my speech, but I can not formulate everything succinctly. Each person will be given no more than three minutes in a speech. How during this time to tell all the most important?
  7. Host-tracker a tool for monitoring the operation of the server and sites host-tracker.com This resource is available for free for 30 days. You get the following functionality. A free subscription for 30 days gives you the opportunity to use wide functionality: 100 URL Check every 1 minute; Monitor Response Time; 10 contacts, Unlimited alerts, 25 free SMS/month; DNS Blacklist Check; Domain and Certificate, Expiration Monitoring; CPU, RAM, HDD Load Monitor; Full log, Error snapshotting. Availability check (we check availability of your s
  8. I always take a trial period from the hoster.
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