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  1. Million of users visit ecommerce stores but not complete their transactions. Owner can engage their customers by sending offers via emails. The emails can be customized with images, videos and hyperlinks. You can increase the desired pages conversion rate by using the hyperlinks. You can send emails by multiple way i.e manual or automatically. Opencart abundant cart enables you to attach coupon, discount offers on products that help to boost the store sales and revenue.
  2. Shopify hide price app force customers to contact with store owner if user need product price. The price button can be replaced with on contact us button, call for price, etc. Product prices are not visible for everyone only needy customers can contact for their desired product price. Admin can replace cart button with multiple types such as text, link button, image and contact form. Shopify hide price app multiple fields for contact form like Field type, input label, input type, field option, field Oder and sand field status etc.
  3. FME Prestashop Top Banner Advance Module helps to promote you industry and all latest news. It helps to increase the visibility and increase the conversion rate when a user constantly exposed to a product or deals. Top banner work on call to action due to its presence on main location that help to redirect customers to desired pages. The module is fully supported with all store layouts.
  4. FME PrestaShop popup notification module is wonderful for boost store conversion rate. Admin can personalize popup feature for all formats of content. Big merchandisers can display sales, latest deals, special offers, etc. The popup notification help to redirect customers on specific pages, products. The module is responsive with all devices.
  5. Prestashop Signup reward module is used to increase the new customer’s signup. Admin can offer multiple deals like price, discount and free shipping’s. The discount offer on products empower customers to make more signup. It enables you to schedule your offer on products for specific time and dates. All these offer ends automatically after selected dates. You can send offer discount, and deals to your new registered customers through emails, sms. Prestashop signup reward module is compatible with all store layouts.
  6. Seo modules are useful for increasing store conversion rate. Prestashop SEO internal linking module is enables you to create multiple internal links. With SEO linking module you can automatically create the multiples links. The internal multiple links helping you to in search engine ranking. Internal links help to redirect your visitors to other important pages of your site at the same time; it also affects a positive impact on SEO. It helps to avoid manual link creation practices. With Prestashop SEO module you can enter your keywords and specific pages the internal links generate automatically.
  7. Prestashop checkout messages module enables you to engage your customers for more actions. You can show messages on cart and checkout pages. The powerful WSYWG editor feature lets you create messages that can include multimedia. You can user hyperlinks in your message that is useful for redirect customers on other pages. Message can be visible only for specific user by using the ruled based design. The rules can be implementing on users, user groups, products, cart value etc. Prestashop checkout messages enable you to schedule also by selecting the starting and ending dates.
  8. Some user need products in bulks within less time, Prestashop quick order table module enables you to save user time and resources on bulk orders. Order products one by one not useful for bulk order. Prestashop quick order table enables you to find products with name, size, category color and multiple features by entering their few characters. Add one by one product consume lots of time if customer want to order in bulks. The results display to users with a specific filters. Quick order table module user friendly interface give a wonderful experience to customers.
  9. Blog is essential for manage Ecommerce sites products and industry news. Blogging enables you to rank your products on search engines. Extendons offer a user friendly interface blog creation features. You can create multiple categories and add content images videos and links. It enables you to change page titles, add Meta information, and insert descriptions with each category. You can sorted these categories can be sorted into custom order. The feature image empower customer to click on blog post. The opencart blog extension WYSIWYG editor enables you to add tags, short and long descriptions, and include feature images.
  10. Geoip extensions enable you to create multiple rules for different countries or region. You can block specific products for specific countries and you can block the whole site for other country. You can block the specific country or whole regions depend on your requirements. You can also hide the store sensitive pages from unauthorized user such as specific products, categories, CMS pages and entire store. Opencart block IP extension allows you to restrict specific products and categories for any country or region. The extension is compatible with all website themes.
  11. Store owner permanently block traffic of different countries. The block user redirect with a custom message. Opencart geoip store switcher enables you to utilize block traffic on another store. When a block country user is detected the store list display with a custom message. User can select the desired store. Opencart store locator working on the basis of geoip address. It helps to boost store sales by redirecting the stores traffic. Visitor can select desired store manually from available list. You can create variety of rules for various countries or regions and display custom message to blocked users.
  12. The order quantity control app helps to manage the store stock. Shopify user friendly interface app control the min & max quantities for the order as well as the cart page. Its help to manage the store products item, quantity and amount. It enables you to display product quantities in a custom series. Store owner can control the over and underselling problems. Customers can move on checkout section after fulfilling the minimum order requirements. Owner can sell products into batches of 10, 20 and 30. You can create odd and even series that facilitate users in easily selecting product quantities. The minimum order quantity Shopify is compatible with all website themes.
  13. Multiple checkout extension and plugin available on marketplace for making easy and fast checkout processing. Let’s check the opencart checkout field extension that helps to get additional information during the checkout process. Opencart checkout page extension let to add new fields in any section of the checkout page. The field can be visible for both registered customers and guest users. The new fields can be added for specific products, categories, customer roles, cart total, and cart items. Opencart checkout field’s extension supports various types of fields such as text box, text area, select box, radio buttons, multi-select box, checkbox, date and time.
  14. Opencart mix and match plugin useful for selling multiple products such as sweet boxes, lunch boxes, fast food, vegetables, cloth and garments etc. You can customize the boxes color size and style. You can change the boxes background and border color. Customer can order according to desired quantity of products. Beautiful color gift packing compelling customers to order more products. Opencart custom product boxes offer dynamic prices features such as dynamic pricing options such as fixed price, per product price, and per product price. Sell products into gift boxes empower customer to make more orders. Opencart mix and match plugin has no compatibility issues with website themes.
  15. Opencart restricts product extension help store owner to set multiple rules on products and customer by dividing into specific groups. This extension is wonderful for manage the out of stock or seasonal products that can be hidden for specific time duration. Unauthorized customers can’t see the categories, CMS pages, manufacturers, shipping and payment methods as well. You can also hide specific shipping methods from any customer group. The blocked group of customer redirects with a personalized message to their relevant products. Opencart restrict products extension user friendly interface give a excellent experience to user.
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