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  1. As an SEO expert from NursingEssays.CO.UK first of all you need to analyze some website which are being prominent in SERPs on certain queries or keywords which are dead related to your website niche. Using many online tools can help you in this regard and then do link analysis where your competitors are active and where not. Since there is no fixed formula for your website or any other site to jump right into the top slot but continuing with mix and match work like Blog commenting, Guest Blogging, Guest Posting, Email out reaching, Content distribution activities like Pres Releases Power Point and Info-graphics and last but not the least Social Media Optimization are some great ways you can earn great links to your website
  2. As content analyst from annotated bibliography help I would say that it is just impossible for single individual to put thousands of bucks in all these tools and like Majestic SEMRush ahrefs and Site Explorer from Moz etc at the same time but after all its your capabilities and understanding with comprehensive knowledge how web and Search engines works to give you the best results. You should have great understanding of On-Page and Off-Page and Technical SEO before using these tools because one thing is to remember that these tools are not going to make you expert in trade but you in your work flow
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