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  1. If you are searching for the best Web Hosting provider around your business then I suggest WHUK - Web Hosting UK, It is the best and leading web hosting provider that provider Cheap Hosting for your forum with unlimited benefits.
  2. -For developers who are just starting their PHP web development deciding between the languages is difficult. -Beginners find it hard to choose between the web development languages as they have different requirements. -Also, they face two issues while dealing with any languages. One- they need to learn programming construct, and then learn how to implement them in the chosen language. Second- they require expertise in syntax which makes no sense to them. -These issues faced by new developers are due to the biased advice they get from Python and PHP developers. If you talk to a p
  3. So he has to create 301 redirects of all the old URLs to the new URLsin order not to lose the SEO juice of the old pages.
  4. Let’s run through how to create your own server at home for web hosting. Choose Your Hardware Choose Your Operating System: Linux or Windows? Is Your Connection Suited for Hosting? Set up and Configure Your Server Set up Your Domain Name and Check It Works Know How to Create Your Own Server at Home for Web Hosting the Right Way
  5. If you want to increase traffic on website you must follow the below steps: Write Irresistible Headlines Pay Attention to On-Page SEO Target Long-Tail Keywords Start Guest Blogging Invite Others to Guest Blog on Your Site Go After Referral Traffic Post Content to LinkedIn Implement Schema Microdata Link Internally Don’t Neglect Email Marketing Hope this above tips will helpful on your site.
  6. Domain should be as per your branding name.
  7. Both are very useful to create a new website. I'm using Wix or WordPress.
  8. There are many Video Tutorials available on the web. So SERP platform is best for learn new technologies.
  9. There is lot of platform to build Website. you can word press otherwise Weebly both are best website builder platform.
  10. There are many free or paid video editing software available on the web. Filmora this one is the best video editor tool.
  11. There are several tutorials available on the web. Like as W3School, JavaTPoint, online courses academy. Also virtual classes like Udemy.
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