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  1. There are few factors of Off page to grow traffic - Link Building submission - Coupon Codes submission - Offer Thread submission - External Forums participation - Guest posting - Business Listing - Classifieds - Sponsorship listing
  2. Yes, these the common list that used when designing or developing any website. For more details, you can visit: w3schools.com
  3. Thank you for sharing such a piece of good information about creating a website. It really helps any newbie to create a website.
  4. Google keyword planner is the best and most reliable tool, that I have ever used. You can also use LSI keywords for your website. You'll get the LSI keyword at the end of Google's result page. For a local business, you can target some near me or nearby keyword. Long-tail keywords are more specific for local business SEO. Here I have also listed down some of the best and most useful SEO tools: KWFinder Ahrefs Keywords Explorer SECockpit Soovle Jaaxy SEMrush KeywordTool io Moz Keyword Explorer Keywords Everywhere Keyword Snatcher
  5. Hello, Best keyword research tools: Soovle Jaaxy KWFinder Ahrefs Keywords Explorer SECockpit Google Keyword Planner SEMrush KeywordTool.io Moz Keyword Explorer Keywords Everywhere Keyword Snatcher
  6. Hello, If you are a newbie and want to develop a website then I think you have to go on some online resources like, w3schools, tutorialpoint, etc sites. For beginners these are the best sites to learn website development.
  7. Important factors of picking a domain name: Use .com, .org or .net (most popular ones) It should notify your brand Shorter is more helpful Easy to remember Easy to say Avoid hyphens and numbers Consider using a keyword that reflects your website Think long-term over the short term Check if it’s not trademarked Use domain name generators when stuck I think these enough steps to choose the right domain name.
  8. Thanks for sharing the valuable answer according to https using htaccess.
  9. There are plugins that allow the addition of PHP code. They add the capacity to the site. That means anyone who guesses your login or finds an exploit can also gain that capacity. This is called a rights elevation attack. The better approach is to create a template page that can be added to your theme to execute the code. Similar: made a shortcode that executes code then the shortcode can be added to a page or post.
  10. There are many tutorials present by expertise.
  11. Choose domain as per the branding with short tell keyword.
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