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  1. Implementing highly integrated healthcare solutions requires a particular developer skill set and experience to be able to use existing best practices. We suggest you work with a mature outsourcing software integration provider with relevant experience in native app development. Such technology vendors have health system integration engineers experienced in creating customized solutions and can efficiently build the healthcare integration ecosystem you need. Moreover, a dedicated team will make sure your software system is user-friendly and help your staff and partners adapt to it. This
  2. Yalantis’ experience integrating a third-party EHR We had to enable the Healthfully app to exchange personally identifiable information, PHI, and information on doctor appointments with a third-party EHR system used by a partner organization. To do this, we needed to ensure smooth data transfer within HIPAA-compliant environments. The EHR system used by our client’s partner organization is on-premises/cloud-based software that provides different communication interfaces for third-party integration partners depending on the contract agreement. For Healthfully, two interfaces were avai
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