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  1. Hello all, I graduated last year and a QA person currently having a basic knowledge of Python (learned it out of my interest).I really don't feel this profile is my cup of tea. I was exploring DevOps and found it to be interesting. I was referring to few websites like Javatpoint and recently came across this blog post which said that i have to master Python, Amazon Web Services/other clod services, Configuration Management, CI/CD, IAS, etc. May I know from where i should exactly start in order to properly fit into this profile?
  2. It all depends on the individual and web-app type along its UI/UX. Front-end is a bit easier to start(because you only need a text editor and browser), but hard to proceed(it requires a lot of extra learnings to be good in front-end side). Back-end is relatively harder to start(you need to set up local environments, which is easy though), but easier to proceed(relatively fewer techs to learn). In general for beginners, I find back-end development(a server-side programming language + Framework + SQL/No-SQL) to be easier than front-end(HTML, CSS, JavaScript + a Front-end framework +
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