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  1. ipad is just to sport out while with a laptop much more can be done
  2. I've never used a MAC, enjoy your new laptop when you get it!
  3. Print some little business cards from your home computer and just leave them at certain places?
  4. Same here.. I just use what came with the iphone
  5. Welcome aboard to the site!
  6. I've always enjoyed the Mobile Version. Nice work
  7. I would just have other themes installed and give the member the option to select a different theme. IT'S your site so it's your decision.
  8. I've only had the chance to work with IPB and VB a few times, but I did enjoy VB back in the day... Lately it seems that IPB is winning
  9. I sure wouldn't know ATM since I haven't been looking around, but if I come across something I will post back.
  10. Best bet would be to also sign up over at PHPBB and ask for help or browse the threads by performing a search to help narrow it down. Good luck! it's been awhile since I have used PHPBB : \
  11. 1500 is a nice amount to purchase a laptop. Good luck with the search!
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