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  1. First, let me explain my life situation; I work in the North West UK, and lived with my girlfriend. She got a job in the midlands (100 miles away) and moved down there, but comes back of a weekend. I'm currently employed as an IT Technician in a aged 11-18 school, and I've been looking for work in my girlfriend's area, but been unsuccessful on many occasions, and had given up looking for work. Yesterday I got a telephone call out of the blue, from an unknown number. To be honest I was lucky to be at my desk to hear my phone go off on silent, plus the number was withheld, so I thought i
  2. That is, absolutely brilliant. :|
  3. I would like a car like that, but I would only buy one if I had money to burn, not from working my arse off to save up for one, because there are more important things you could spend your money on.
  4. I've looked through the IT related courses, but none of them appeal to me. Well, none of them will help my line of work.
  5. Bah, shame this is only in the US!
  6. Again, in schools they're just too expensive unless the school has a lot of money to throw away. For example, our school has had a lot of budget cuts, and there's no way in hell we'd get tablets. The insurance costs would be too much, because they'd get damaged all too often.
  7. I'll only buy select games at full price, games which I've been waiting for. Other than that, I'll either wait until they're cheap, or find other means...
  8. I used one of the earlier beta versions, and it did feel weird. I haven't had the time to test any more recent versions such as the release preview.
  9. Ahah! I love that site.
  10. I've built my own computers for the past, 8 years or so. The main reason I build my own is because I know exactly what I want, which you can never seem to get when buying from a manufacturer, and it is cheaper, in some cases by at least 25%. In some cases it's also easier to upgrade components in a self-built machine for two reasons; 1) You know exactly what's in there and what's compatible. 2) Some manufacturers like Dell only supply budget power supplies of around 300W, not allowing a better graphics card without upgrading the PSU too, or the case is designed against adding larger/better
  11. Usually if someone does post a massive wall of text and I want to reply to that person, I'll quote them, but edit out most of the quote, only leaving the relevant text I want to reply to.
  12. Heard about this on the news the other week. Sounds, interesting.
  13. While the first part of your statement I don't disagree with, the latter I do. You never run an anti-virus for your Mac? Maybe you should start doing, as they're becoming more common, and you won't know whether you're infected or not otherwise. Also, you shouldn't use multiple anti-viruses on one computer, as they may conflict with each other. 1x anti-virus, 1x firewall (Windows' built in one is good enough from Vista onwards) and 1x anti-malware/spyware should be all you need.
  14. CHiLL


    Hello, and welcome to DB!
  15. Welcome to DB. I guess you mean North West then? I'm from Liverpool, but work in Southport.
  16. Another decent one has been http://www.codecademy.com/. They are doing tutorials via email/online every Monday and you can go through the back logs. It started in January of this year, for a 'coding year'. I haven't done any of it myself yet, since I haven't had the time, but I certainly plan on.
  17. Yeah, this happens quite a lot. If you have a shortcut or bookmark for Facebook, you can change the address to: https://www.facebook.com/?sk=h_chr to sort out that issue, at least for most of the time anyway.
  18. CHiLL


    .tk domains have been the domains to have to those creating scam/malware websites, so they aren't that well liked across the Internet.
  19. CHiLL

    Bing.com down

    Yeah, I had to Google Bing...
  20. If you want to play pre-2010 games, then XP is your best bet.
  21. Both me and my girlfriend racked up so many our on the original Guild Wars , we can't wait for this!
  22. It makes about as much sense and the Engerish you get from scam callers.
  23. I got some excellent wallpapers from National Geographic. Some stunning photos.
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