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    CHiLL reacted to Thomas in Posting Contest   
    Does that mean me and CHiLL are disqualified?
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    CHiLL got a reaction from mikelouis in Free alternative software list   
    Avira AntiVir Personal - Anti-Virus
    Microsoft Security Essentials - Anti-Virus
    Avast - Anti-Virus
    Comodo - Anti-Virus
    AVG Free - Anti-Virus
    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - Anti-Malware
    SuperAntiSpyware - Anti-Malware
    SpyBot Search & Destroy - Anti-Malware
    Comodo Internet Security - Personal Firewall
    Computer Maintenance
    CCleaner - Cleans out temporary and unnecessary files and has a registry cleaner.
    CPU-Z - Shows specific information about your processor, motherboard and RAM.
    GPU-Z - Shows specific information about your graphics processor.
    Speccy - Shows specific information about the core components in your computer.
    CoreTemp - Displays temperature information about core components in your system.
    SpeedFan - Displays temperature information about core components in your system.
    RivaTuner - Advanced graphics card control
    TreeSize Free - Displays where all your HDD space is allocated, where it's used up
    Launchy - Help you find all your files, folders, documents in a snap
    Everything Search - Find your files instantly.
    Iobit Uninstaller - Uninstaller
    De-fragmentation - (Not to be used on Solid State Disk Drives)
    Defraggler - Disc de-fragmentation.
    Auslogics Disk Defrag - Disc de-fragmentation.
    My Defrag - Disc de-fragmentation.
    Puran - Disc de-fragmentation.
    Office Applications
    Open Office - Alternative to Microsoft Office Suite.
    OpenProj - Alternative to Microsoft Project
    Libre Office - Alternative to Microsoft Office Suite
    Wink - Tutorial and presentation creation software
    Freemind - Mindmapping software
    Internet Browsers & Download Tools
    Mozilla Firefox - Internet browser provided by Mozilla.
    Google Chrome - Internet browser provided by Google.
    Opera - Internet Browser
    Safari - Internet browser provided by Apple.
    Seamonkey - Open source browser based on Firefox with integrated Thunderbird mail client.
    Iron - Chrome without all the tracking.
    JDownloader - Download Manager.
    Free Download Manager - Download Manager.
    uTorrent - Download manager.
    Orbit Download Manager - Download Manager.
    FlashGet - Download Manager.
    RDesc - Download Manager (Rapidshare and Megaupload)
    Media Players & Codecs
    VLC Media Player - Media player which plays nearly all media files.
    GOM Player - Media player which plays nearly all media files.
    Media Player Classic - Media player which plays nearly all media files.
    K-Lite Media Codec Pack - Codec pack containing all the codecs you should ever need.
    iTunes - Media Player provided by Apple.
    Media Monkey - Music Player.
    FooBar2000 - Music Player.
    Messaging Programmes
    Windows Live Messenger - Messenger service provided by Microsoft.
    Pidgin - Multi-service messenger which can connect to Microsoft, AIM, Google, Yahoo and more.
    Skype - Video and telephone calls online...for free!
    Trillian - Multi-service messenger
    Image Editing
    GIMP - Pixel/Rastor image editor.
    Paint.net - Photoshop style image editor.
    IrfanView - Image viewer / converter / batch rename / supports vast array of file types.
    Photoscape - Image Editor.
    Desktop Wallpapers
    Deviant Art - Popular art by the people.
    InterfaceLIFT - Wallpapers found here.
    Video & Sound Editing
    Handbrake - Multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows
    AutoGK - Rip DVD to many different file types.
    DVD Decryptor - Rip DVD
    VirtualDub - Video capture/processing utility.
    Audacity - Audio editor for recording, slicing, and mixing audio.
    Backup Solutions
    AllWaySync - Multipurpose backup programme
    Comodo Backup - Backup Facility
    There will be more to come, and possibly more categories.
    Feel free to suggest your own for this list.
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    CHiLL got a reaction from Godric in Alright 'fess up. Who likes trolling?   
    I don't really troll, I just can't be bothered with it.
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    CHiLL got a reaction from ChuckTesta in wscript - SYSWOW - 32-bit and 64-bit help   
    A colleague came up with a good solution.
    Each application has a script. This script determines whether application is actually installed. If not, quits...if it is, it sets up the database parameters. Then the scripts determines whether the system is 64-bit or 32-bit, to determine which wscript to launch. Then it passes these parameters via command line to a standalone script, launching which ever wscript determined by the original script, while the first script launches the application. The second scripts logs the data into the database.
    It's quite elegant. We could have dozens and dozens of application scripts, but they all reference the same file to write to a database, and each one passes the lone script different parameters.
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    CHiLL got a reaction from Zacko in Duke Nukem, a massive letdown?   
    I think they meant they had it on pre-order before it was released, but then it was slammed by reviewers, so they cancelled their order, and haven't bought/played it.
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    CHiLL got a reaction from legalize in Windows Servers   
    I'm not bigging up Windows or anything, I know they're better generally in the web-content hosting department. However we used Windows server because, well, we just did. We have the licenses. None of the team I work with, including myself have much Linux experience.
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    CHiLL got a reaction from legalize in Windows Servers   
    The problem with these arguments, is that people only take into account web-based servers or hosting.
    But what about in the enterprise, such as businesses/offices or educational establishments?
    Our school wouldn't run well at all if it wasn't on a Windows environment. With Active Directory, software deployment, group policy...there's nothing that even comes close to it. For business and educational networks, Windows servers are essential in my eyes.
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    CHiLL got a reaction from Nathan in What's the game you wish had a sequel?   
    Counter Strike: Global Offensive is being released sometime this year. http://store.steampowered.com/app/1800/
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    CHiLL reacted to Nathan in "Recent topics" not refreshimg   
    Ok cool, I'll get it added to the list for sure then.
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    CHiLL got a reaction from Godric in Please Choose a Topic for A tutorial   
    Well, unfortunately I have no idea about any of them so I can't be of any use!
    When I get some time, I'll try and compile some of my own tutorials, though they'll probably be more computer hardware/Windows based.
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    CHiLL got a reaction from Godric in Put Up Your Hands For the Best game of the year: Assassin's Creed 3   
    MW2 may rack up all the sales, but I think come reviews/awards, ME3 will sweep up.
    It's released in fall/winter of this year I think.
    The Assassin's Creed games are good, but are pretty hard to describe though. In the first one, you play as an 'assassin' during the crusades era in the middle east (Domascus, etc). You're fighting for your clan/guild but the story twists and bends in ways you wouldn't have expected. The later games changed era to the Italian Renecance (obviously playing as a different character), where you play a similar role, but reveal more about the main story arc, and individual character arcs.
    They're certainly worth a play, but can take a while to complete, and there are a fair few of them now.
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    CHiLL got a reaction from Godric in Put Up Your Hands For the Best game of the year: Assassin's Creed 3   
    Assassin's Creed 3 is going to be overshadowed by Mass Effect 3 and maybe Bioshock Infinite when it comes to deciding the best game of 2012. At least that's what I think anyway. But I'm still looking foward to AC3.
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    CHiLL got a reaction from Nathan in Anonymous OS: Worth the risk?   
    I thought this was fake at first. I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole. Given their antics over recent months, who knows what they've hidden away somewhere in the OS.
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    CHiLL got a reaction from Godric in Building up my gaming library!   
    Add Portal 1 & 2 in there too, they're really good puzzle games!
    F.E.A.R is a horror-based FPS. It has a good story and plays well. I think you'll enjoy it, as well as F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin.
    Here's a screenshot of my games: (I also have the same list in Steam)

    I have played many more games than that, but they're the only ones worth keeping (except Bulletstorm...that's only there because I haven't played it yet, so no point in removing it)
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    CHiLL got a reaction from GeeOne in Hello DB   
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