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  1. If i remember correctly. Windows 7 doesn't support outlook anymore.
  2. Its a good game. However, i see it as a console game.
  3. I voted no because there wasn't a 'Its ok' option. I have always used PHPBB, and just coming to terms with SMF, as my clan switched to SMF.
  4. Thankyou for the warm welcome
  5. Nice list. There are a few mistypes in there though. Just to give you a heads up.
  6. Call me Tom or Mad. MadMan01 is to long And you will do, support for Windows 7 is quite low atm. I will keep checking, I have notifications turned on anyway :thumb-up:
  7. Try settings on the dashboard.
  8. I noticed there was a steam one but not for Xfire. Mine is mad0man0tom
  9. I have tried but don't like Firefox, even though they have many addons available. I have used either Opera or Google Chrome.
  10. Old Trafford is where Manchester United play. Im lucky enough to go there sometimes when my Grandad can't. (Dad and Grandad both have a season ticket for the past 30 years). But for Trafford incase thats what you meant. Well... it depends where you go, it can be quite rough in some areas.
  11. check event viewer for us, and find the error and paste it here.
  12. On your account. Open my computer, left hand side right click desktop Click Properties Security Click Edit half way down. Set him to deny.
  13. To fix it from coming with the error cant rename, right click run as admin. Should be ok then.
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