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  1. Listening to : Billy Talent - Lies =P
  2. Not in php (Since php is a server side language and not a client one), but using javascript or jquery it would be fairly easy. But using pixels to create a design is not the best options, using % is much better or you could use a fixed width grid system =P In either case, it is base on % to always maximize the information that can be seen.
  3. .footer{ position:fixed; bottom:0; /* Place the footer on the bottom of the page */ left:50%; /* Place the top left corner at 50% of the page width */ width:400px; /* Determinate the width of the footer */ margin-left:-200px; /* Renomve half of the width so, instead of the top left corner is at 50% exactly half of the content is set to a positon of 50% of the page width */ z-index:999; /* Since positioning with the element position set the element over or under anything (the position is fixed on the page instead of being place under the
  4. Well, from what I can see on their website they are using hypervisors so yes, I'm pretty sure they are using a real "cloud" service.
  5. Nope, ask Nathan about his experience with not knowing what I could do with the Test Bed, I'm sure he freaked out during a couple seconds... (I could delete his whole website in mere seconds, than I got his password, which I'm sure he is using everywhere and I connected on forum his account, wrote a small love message in the Admin section) =P
  6. I could provide you with a long answer, but sadly my english is not good enough for using too many technicals terms :S Anyway, just to let you know, in the end, as a user, you can not know if you are in a "Cloud", since a cloud is 99.99% virtualization (Virtualization is the concept on running virtual machines (OS within OS)) as an user of the cloud it is impossible to make the difference between a cloud or a dedicated server. But using support of your website, you could ask them to maybe add 1GB of RAM to your account. If it take less then 30 seconds, than yes you are running on a Clo
  7. Nexus 7... all the way, IPad minis are just a iphone with a bigger screen. Nothing different than an iphone...
  8. Yeah it does work LIKE a routine, but it is not. Everytime you send a request to your database, it is analysed, so imagine the following code : for ($i = 0; $i < 1000; $i++) { mysql_query('INSERT INTO table (value) VALUES ('.mysql_real_escape_string($i).');'); } you just done a thousand queries... which is slow for 2 main reason, First of all, mysql will analyze your query everytime to understand what it has to do (INSERT DATA, Which table, which columns); and mysql_real_escape_string will use non optimized functions to make sure the data inserted by the user is "safe".
  9. webdevuser

    Basic PHP Guide

    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="johnthomas1433" data-cid="19599" data-time="1358230268"><p> Rather than installing the PHP yourselves, I suggest you install some IDE like Xampp, or Wamp, and they does make your job easier. Also do not try coding in Dreamweaver, as they shall generate the code most of the times with drag and drop, and that is not good. Better use Notepad++ like the rest of us.</p></blockquote> Please, make sure you understand the diference between a development environement ( Which is wamp, mamp, xampp... ) and an IDE which means inter
  10. Yeah, maybe it is a bit harsh, but it is catchy as hell for a title Basically, in the long terms, yes it will. Don't take me wrong, it won't fall in a month, but let says, if php were to release the final version of PHP 5.5 tomorrow and your host updated their servers that pretty means, that every time a user would load page, for every request made your would have a warning in your logs. Also, depending on your how many requests are made, you can check Google it if you don't believe me, but it will relieve the stress made to your server up to 30%... which in the long terms means a lot
  11. Well maybe the service is good, but I can not respect a Internet company that still used a design that would shame to 1990s....
  12. Here I am, reporting for duty sir! With a Macbook Air 13"!
  13. Hey everybody, So I saw (quite late) that their was a self-introduction forum, so I decided to write one =P So here I am, in a few lines I am from Québec, Canada (Which is the only place in North America that French is the official language, so pardon me in advance for my typposss =P) I'm currently studying in Computer Science at "Cégep Limoilou"... (who cares right? XD) So, I pretty much everything related to programming... (except Java, but let me get back on this later) I joined my program at school because since I was 12, I was trying (at the time) to code modules and
  14. Hello guys, It is my first thread here, I did not intend to make one, but I saw a lot of you are using mysql_connect() mysql_query() please, don't! PDO : PHP Data Objects If you read this article : http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/php/why-you-should-be-using-phps-pdo-for-database-access/ you will probably understand why you should be using PDO, and if you still don't, please ask, I will do my best to convert you to use better programming practices
  15. What I would recommand is that you buy your theme on a website like : http://themeforest.net/ you will be able to buy almost what you desire, after that you can hire a programmer for cheap to edit what is left and a designer to create the images and logo that you need.
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