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  1. Ah glad ya got it sorted Nate. Actually came to post a solution to this for you but glad you got it fixed.
  2. Yeah that's kinda what I was thinking too.....
  3. I pay monthly. Mainly because if the host bellies up, i'm not tied in for an extended period of time and can just leave at the end of the month and go elsewhere. Thankfully Hawk hasn't needed that since I signed up with them in October of 2010. Been a very satisfied customer. This year will be 3 years.
  4. Hey guys, I'm currently in the market for a 7" tablet. I'm torn between the more cost efficent android based Nexus 7 or the iPad Mini. I know they both have their pros and cons but i'm not sure what to go with. I like both iOS and Android. I like the customization Android offers but the simplicity of iOS......the Nexus 7 32GB is significantly cheaper then the iPad mini's 16GB model as well....what do you suggest?
  5. I like the Q&A bit or perhaps a animated captcha that can't easily be solved by a program/bot;.
  6. Hmm i'll have to look into this. Thanks. Also, I read your topic title as "POO" lol.
  7. That's true. I had a VPS for awhile but got rid of it because it was costing too much for what I was using it for. I used it to run a private game server for awhile but the amount of players we had wasn't enough to keep the bills paid so we dropped the server and closed down the game indefinitely. I might bring it back some day if there's a demand for it but I found other private servers out there for the same game so I don't see much of a point. However, my VPS worked like every other with WHM and all that. Only thing was, it was 'managed' but there was no mysql installed on it so I had to us
  8. Hi guys. I have an HP TouchSmart all-in-one computer that has a problem. My Kaspersky install disc is stuck in the optical drive. I had a CD stuck in there previously but after a power-outage, the fan on the machine started to run and i hit the eject button and the disc popped out, but now, this other disc is stuck in the optical drive and I can't get it out. It makes the noise like it's getting ready to eject the disc but nothing happens. Can someone possibly help me with this issue?
  9. Eh I'd keep that bad boy for myself. Even though I hate Dell, and wouldn't personally buy any fo their products anymore. As a prize, i most definitely wouldn't turn down that beast of a computer.
  10. Ah that's a great point. I never thought of that. I should give those two a try on my next project.
  11. I think that only applies if you design a theme in Photoshop and not directly in CSS first. I could be wrong, but I don't use 'slicing' or anything like that. I generally dive right in and get into the CSS and begin creating the theme from there.
  12. DarkGizmo

    Basic PHP Guide

    That's a realy good idea Vic. There should be a tutorial section for programming tutorials based on language...it'd be a great resource for people to learn how to program in that respectable language. Think we can get something like this going on here, Nate?
  13. I like the defautl skin you made Nate. However, currently trying out the Dark skin. It looks pretty good. Good to have a little variety with your skins IMHO.
  14. I haven't tried Kubuntu in awhile. I might give it a shot sometime.
  15. LMAO!!! That's why I got both a windows PC and a mac.
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