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    DarkGizmo reacted to KMRock in How often and how much do you post on your own forum?   
    The admin/owner must be active on smaller forums especially, but I think admin activity is crucial to keeping the forum activity going. The more the admin posts the more activity there will be.
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    DarkGizmo reacted to Nathan in So I just won a new computer....   
    I had over 350
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    DarkGizmo reacted to Quiver in Which font to use   
    I would always recommend the Verdana or the Tahoma font for websites.
    Verdana would be my first choice as it's very legible and looks very neat.
    However, it can be quite a large font in comparison to many others.
    So if you're pushed for space then Tahoma would be a good choice.
    When I say Verdana can be "large" it's because of spacing between letters.
    Also, the letters themselves are quite wide in comparison to many other fonts.
    However, that's what makes Verdana so neat and legible. It's well spaced out.
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    DarkGizmo reacted to Victor Leigh in Basic PHP Guide   
    That's a good tutorial. Now if only we have a section dedicated to tutorials. That would be a useful resource to have on this forum, wouldn't it? How about it, Nathan?
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    DarkGizmo reacted to Jessi in Mac Owners report here!   
    They're great for games!

    But no, seriously, they're often times not compatible for a lot of games, so you end up missing out on some or have to use all these workarounds to get specific ones. It's just not worth it for a lot of people.
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    DarkGizmo reacted to dagscot in Creating Forum Skins/Themes   
    Try looking at some themes that you really like and then have a go at reverse engineering them. It can be a challenge but it really improves your coding and gives you a few extra tools in your html/css.
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    DarkGizmo reacted to LiquiLayer - Brent in Best free web hosts...? Are there?   
    I wouldn't say they're all crappy, ad riddled, but I honestly wouldn't expect much out of them. Just remember, they're not obligated to provide you anything at all... working one day then gone the next. 
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    DarkGizmo reacted to The Reverend in Cheap Website Hosting   
    Hawkhost is the greatest host. Mediatemple isnt cheap but is extremely good. Liquidserve isnt too bad
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    DarkGizmo reacted to Victor Leigh in CodeSchool.com   
    Just went over to have a look-see. Hey, they have something free, too.

    I think I will give that a try. It will be useful for me since I am using Linux.
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    DarkGizmo reacted to Thomas in Should I Start A Website?   
    Turns out it never happened. I think I don't have the personal drive to keep it going. I'm a lot better at just lending a helping hand here and there to other websites.
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    DarkGizmo reacted to Victor Leigh in Should I Start A Website?   
    Here's an idea.
    Don't start with topics all over the place. Just start on one particular niche. There are so many things which are related to chat. For example, you can start with girl chat. Concentrate on that until you have got it running strongly. Then branch into, say, boy chat.
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    DarkGizmo reacted to Sherlock in Should I Start A Website?   
    ^Read^ . It takes hours a day to make a forum succsefull!
    If you don't want to it don't you will waste your time! Think before you start!
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    DarkGizmo reacted to Vidya_Gaems in Flash   
    I once made games in Flash and posted them to Newgrounds. Coding in flash is tedious and repetitive, and it's not 'fun' at all. Actionscript (the code for programming games in flash) is very conservative, as well as very few commands. So no, I would not recommend coding in flash. Instead, I would recommend HTML5 instead, as that is dominating the internet currently for coding.
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    DarkGizmo reacted to Jessi in My feedback   
    You can add this to your list of "positives." I've been around for a while now and any time there's ever been a glitch or feedback offered up, Nathan is super fast at addressing it.
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    DarkGizmo reacted to redinit in To all you who say macs can't/don't get viruses   
    I still feel much safer on a Mac than I will ever on Windows. I never run antivirus or anything like that on it. But on Windows I have several
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    DarkGizmo reacted to redinit in To all you who say macs can't/don't get viruses   
    Hipsters are the new fanboys.
    I do prefer Unix based OS over Windows, but I've never been one to force it on people, because at the end of the day an OS is just a tool we use, and most people don't even know the difference.
    True story
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    DarkGizmo reacted to shinastray in Dragon's Dogma   
    And here I am, back with a more informed opinion on DD.
    So, the Pawn system is good, as in AMAZINGLY HELPFUL good. Which quite frankly, is a must at some times, since the lighting can be quite terrible at some times, and it's pretty hard to spot an enemy as their life bars only appears while you're hitting them. Combine that with some really dark shadows and you have people going "WHERE THE HELL IS THAT COMING FROM?" all the time. As for the combat itself, it is pretty solid, despite a lack of a defense option for the non-shield wearing classes. If you could at least roll out of danger's way, it wouldn't be so annoying.
    The game has a lot of subquests, but sometimes you'll be completely lost simply because you have no freaking clue where you're supposed to go. Witchwood? Where in the living hell is that? While most quests and subquests have a marker showing where you have to go to proceed, if you haven't reached an area yet, the game won't give you any clue how to get there. This kinda seems like doubt between going oldschool and leaving the players to their destiny and investigative skills and going modern and holding the player's hand through the entire ordeal. But generally, you can manage.
    The costs for EVERYTHING is pretty high. As in, second city in game, you need either 80k or 30k gold to finish a sidequest (HERO OF THE PEOPLE way and BUSINESSMAN way respectively), and cash is HARD to come by. Even selling your unused equipment will net you very little cash. Doesn't help that you need to equip yourself and your main Pawn.
    Overall, I'm finding it a bit rough around the edges, but it's been a pretty enjoyable experience.
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    DarkGizmo got a reaction from ljepilo in Dragon's Dogma   
    I agree. Enjoying Dragon's Dogma. However, Capcom screwed me over recently so I won't be buying anymore of their games. However, Dogma is very enjoyable.
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    DarkGizmo reacted to Nathan in This is Why I'm Broke   
    Wow what an awesome site! I want almost everything on here.
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    DarkGizmo got a reaction from shinastray in Dragon's Dogma   
    I agree. Enjoying Dragon's Dogma. However, Capcom screwed me over recently so I won't be buying anymore of their games. However, Dogma is very enjoyable.
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    DarkGizmo reacted to Ram8349 in How much would you pay for forum posting?   
    A forum posting company just spammed my contact email on my forum for posting service.
    They offered something close to 50 cents (US) each post.
    I think that is a huge rip off.
    How much would you pay for quality forum posts?
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    DarkGizmo reacted to Nathan in Best Forum Software?   
    IPB vs vBulletin, I think IPB has the upper hand. They are working to improve their software and release updates. vBulletin has almost went stagnate at this point.
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    DarkGizmo reacted to Shole in Best Forum Software?   
    I think you should consider retrying IPB I mean its a great software I can't find a reason why you didn't like it. IPB I think is one of the most powerful software's out there without a doubt. Its easy to use and looks so professional that it scares me sometimes anyhow I also wonder what problems you encountered when you used that software
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    DarkGizmo reacted to ford1001 in Need a new laptop, help?   
    the 1500 was just an estimate as I am getting back 1400 at tax time so decided I would get a new laptop around then, but I will probably end up waiting for the 2012 macbook pro to be released if I am going down that avenue
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    DarkGizmo reacted to Nathan in Robots.txt   
    Ah you were right on the 24 hours, like clock work it checked it again and I'm good to go.
    @mrnothersan: Mine was a 4 year old site I didn't mean to block, so guessing that's why it came back quickly.
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