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  1. If you have a laptop, just plug the other monitor into the video port (usually VGA or HDMI), if you have a desktop that has a built-in Graphics Chip, you can do the same as the laptop method. If you don't... then buy a Video Card that supports dual monitors... you can determine this quickly by checking if it has two of the same kind of ports at the port end. The second part is after you've added the monitor is just right clicking on the desktop and clicking properties, there you can find options to extend or duplicate your desktop. Select the option of your liking or preference and have fun.
  2. If you're doing work at home, it is very convenient to have a dual-monitor setup; in my case, I have my development IDE in one monitor, in another monitor/screen I'd have any open documentation that would help me in developing that application. It's quite useful actually, of course I'm sure some of you who do have dual-monitor setups use the same or similar arrangements with regards to screen space and understand completely what I mean.
  3. There are a lot ways to exploit a system -- all of them uses skill, knowledge and imagination. You could have skill and knowledge but without imagination you wouldn't even think of using a particular information in unexpected ways. What kernel exactly are you trying to exploit?
  4. androidz


    Will this be portable or is it tied to a particular platform? I like the idea that it uses OpenGL, but I also know that it doesn't necessarily mean that it can run on Linux as well as other exotic devices.
  5. I use YouTube as well, it has the greatest reach and diversity, integration with Google's products/services and of course greater number of videos. I don't care much for HD as it takes forever to load.
  6. May I know what brand it is? It helps much which brands to keep away.
  7. I already am using a 5400 rpm hard drive, and I'd rather have a reliable hard drive than a fast drive. I'm deciding to buy a new one, however I've had two hard drives fail on me without informing me and they were 7200 rpms I think that maybe I was just unlucky with those two brands *samsung* *cough*. Hence I'd like to know people's experiences on hard drive reliability. I like fast access times but when storing data, I definitely don't want a hard drive to suddenly die on me. This is particularly important for archives of my data.
  8. I'm thinking of buying a small hard drive, and I'm wondering based on your experience, which lasts longer? I will be putting it in an external enclosure and it may possibly be handled roughly -- I know all about SSDs but for the moment it costs more than I can afford, so I'm thinking of buying a hard drive. So guys, based on experience, which lasts longer? A 5400 rpm HD or a 7200 rpm HD?
  9. I've had one major issue because I didn't upgrade my WordPress. It got hacked. They were able to insert a code snippet in an important file and somehow they were able to spam the website. Lesson learned. This event has made me more prudent when it comes to updates. Do remember of course that when you upgrade your WordPress installation, you must also upgrade the rest of your components that needs upgrading -- t might stop working altogether. And remember to make backups of your data and files just in case you need to restore your site.
  10. I've used Wordpress Checkout though I haven't tested it beyond the sandbox mode, it seems to do well so far.
  11. The first computer that I had... well, a laptop. It's the one I'm currently using. It's an ASUS laptop with a dual-core processor, 2 gigs of RAM, 320 gigs HD with 5400 rpm, however it doesn't have a dedicated graphics card and instead has the Intel chip for the GPU.
  12. I'm familiar the following programming languages with Assembly (NASM Syntax), Perl, and C/C++. I'm good with VB/VB .NET and Delphi. As for Markup... I'm okay with HTML, but not so good with CSS. I'm also familiar with MySQL databases. I see programming languages as a general set of rules and while switching from one programming language to another can be daunting and sometimes frustrating, I don't see it as impossible. Just keep the manual ready nearby.
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