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  1. I see a trend in many new forums to have an army of 'mods' who are there to actually help with content, since there's no spam/trolling in a new inactive community. I, for instance, like to start a forum on my own and build up from there. It can be years until I hire someone to help with moderation. What about you?
  2. Not having new threads on a constant basis can cause the forum to go stale and it really hinders its growth. I try to have around 4-5 new threads a day AT LEAST, even if we have many replies anyway. It keeps the content fresh and my members engaged. How many threads a day do you start in your community?
  3. There should be a setting in the ACP where you set the new members to moderation or not. See it in the OPTIONS, or try to see it in the group permissions. It can also appear in the forums permissions. I have never used the setting, but I have bumped into it from time to time. Can't know how it's on phpBB, haven't used it in 6 years, but I'd assume the option appears somewhere there.
  4. dojo


    I think oscommcerce is the first shopping cart script I have ever used. It's free and pretty Ok most of the time. One client of mine has been using it for 5 years already and he's pleased with it. Have you tried using osCommerce? How does it look to you?
  5. I have used oscommerce years ago and open cart for a project I'll need to work on in the following months. Stil, have paid for other scripts so, if needed, I might be willing to pay for such a script too. I'd go to $200, that's the max. budget I'd allocate to a shopping cart script. What's your case? How much are you willing to pay for an ecommerce script?
  6. If we count my unused for years yahoo account, then I have 3. Right now I am using an 'official' email address for my portfolio, and a gmail account that handles it all. I'd rather have few accounts and redirect all the comments from my sites to these, than have 1 email account for each site. The good thing is that I still don't get too much email daily, so I can still handle it all pretty well
  7. In my case link building is not something you need to do overnight. I have started working on this from the day I opened my site. I am posting daily in forums / blogs, submit the link etc. It's a well controlled process, since I am careful where I plug in my link. It takes me few minutes/day and I can also track my progress. Not to mention, after reading Nathan's story, I'm even more warry of letting strangers do this stuff.
  8. That's great news, congratulations I submitted my site after 4 weeks since it was online. It's still small, averaging 150 visits/day, but has more impressions, since it's an active forum. We just sold our first ad ($8, after BSA get their commission). not that bad anyway. I hope we'll be able to get some more advertisers in the following months and be able to get back some of the initial investment and also be able to invest further in the site
  9. ForumPromotion seems to be a pretty good one. I am not too thrilled about such sites, since I find they lack real content (since everyone is dealing something), but for promotion, getting in touch with some good content editors etc. it was very good. You need to make the distinction between such a forum and other admin forum communities and you'll be just fine.
  10. Well, it's not the price you're willing to sell for, it's what a buyer is willing to give I have sold 2 forums last year and was pretty pleased with the deal. One of them didn't fetch my desired price at first, so I waited for few months and tried again, geting more than I asked before. When setting a price customers look for traffic (and quality of it), content, forum activity, revenue.
  11. I have only used Linux based hosting services until now and since all my sites run on php/mysql I don't need anything else. Have seen some windows hosting too, but, if my needs are well covered by a Linux based server, I see no reason to complicate my life.
  12. I wouldn't use anyting that doesn't have cpanel and Godaddy's hosting is a nightmare. it takes me way more time to do ANYTHING there than it would do on cpanel based hosting. Really really hate them. You can try a small reseller account at first and see what's causing your high loads. I wouldn't pay for a dedicated unless I really had a huge traffic (and ad revenue). A reseller plan with $25/month can take you a long time to 'fill'
  13. My main client has a dedicated server with LiquidWeb. They're support is far from being stellar (took them 48 hours to move a site, costing us hundreds of dollars in lost ad revenue), they don't always know what they;re doing and pretty lazy with updates. We had to PHONE them to yell to a superviser just to get some stuff done, stuff we were actually paying for. Still the server runs smoothly and, if you don't need their support, there's not too much to complain about.
  14. I have a reseller account with HostGator. WHM/cpanel and a free WHCMS license. Am overall pleased with their service and the panels are just great. Got so accustomed to cpanel I can't really use anything else. It's got all I need, runs fast and has a lot of nice features to use.
  15. That's horrible, $400 could have gotten you more, that's for sure. I personally don't spend money on traffic, since it's irrelevant, if the visitors don't see a good site to join. I'd rather spend the money to improve my site and even get editors to help with unique articles, to really boost my google placement. You can spend thousands of dollars and not get anything, if your visitors are not convinced they should join. I'd rather build upon the 100-150 visits/day we currently get after 5 weeks, than pay extra for many visits who wouldn't convert.
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