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  1. Godaddy has similar prices when you catch it on sale. Right now, their deluxe hosting which allows unlimited number of websites...is only $4.49 a month. Keep in mind that the price could go up after your contract is up....but you could purchase it for only one year or for as many as 5 years at a time if you want: http://www.godaddy.com/hosting/web-hosting.aspx?isc=BB144620&ci=9009
  2. I don't think the $15-20 is too much. That's only $.03 a word! Going rate is usually between $.03-.05 a word for moderate quality with the intention of being mostly for SEO (as in, not necessarily for real visitors, but focused more on the SEO side).
  3. You're right about volunteers sometimes starting out good and then slacking off. Here's another point to consider, though: Volunteers are likely to actually care. They have some sort of passion for the forum and want to help it. Paid mods will see it only as a job and will only do what they HAVE to do in order to get paid. So if you want someone only to clean up spam, then paid might do the trick. If you want someone who wants to help the forum succeed, will actively read the forums and participate because they want to (and therefore, sometimes above and beyond what's expec
  4. Yes. So Wordpress.com and Wordpress.org are through the same Wordpress company. You can use Wordpress and host your site for free if you use a domain such as digitize.wordpress.com. If you want to use your own domain, though, you must purchase hosting elsewhere and use the 'upgraded'/premium Wordpress options.
  5. I thought I would really like this. It meant that people like me, who might just be starting out, could potentially get in and make some money, too. On the downside, though, it meant -everybody- started having ads on their videos....and people started producing more stupid content in the hopes of making money. Bleh.
  6. Definitely. That's when you can focus on slightly different keywords....or long-tail keywords, etc, instead. Doing follow-up articles can also get more follow-through traffic from that article that is getting great traffic/ranks already by interlinking.
  7. Technically both can happen with both. A paid moderator can quit....or just disappear....as I have seen them do quite often. And a volunteer moderator can be removed from staff quite easily.
  8. It's a real error. If you look at my next post down, I quoted the section where Microsoft says that it's a deep-seated error. It's not something that is going to just randomly pop up....you've gotta go looking for it basically.
  9. I usually pay by the month or by every 3 months. I have done 6 months at a time before and it worked out fine, but I'm really not saving that much money by paying in large chunks. There's a discount, but it's very nominal compared to the risk of possibly needing to switch hosting during that year.
  10. Wow, really? That's actually quite impressive. What kind of advertising were you using? And was it because people were actually buying products through you or through affiliations, etc?
  11. Because it's helpful to allow the regular links being posted to be followed. Generally signature links are set to no-follow by default, but it can be really good to allow do-follow links throughout the rest of the forum.
  12. I hadn't seen that video before, so thanks. I wonder if they actually manually look at it at all. He sort of implies that it triggers a flag and they go to look, but I don't know if that means there's a special bot that does it or if there's a team that checks that sort of irregularity.
  13. It's stock. It's not the normal error that comes up for most issues, though: "Windows Phone Support got involved, basically confirming this as a real error. It's just not one that normal users should ever see. Instead, it's a rather deep-seated error that can only be teased out if you start messing with flashing new firmware. If you were looking for proof that Windows Phone 8 is actually on the NT kernel, this stands as pretty good proof, WMPoweruser points out. That, and it's funny."
  14. So apparently they didn't update the error pages for some Windows 8 issues on the phones. It actually still prompts you to put in an installation disc, which as most of us know, would be impossible on a phone. Oops! Source: http://gizmodo.com/5975567/windows-phone-8-has-the-funniest-error-ever
  15. Because when a bot follows a do-follow link, it records a lot of info about that. If it follows it to a "bad" site, it's going to record that the site it's posted on is also, in a way, potentially 'bad' because it obviously supports it. If it didn't approve of it, after all, then it wouldn't be posting a link to that site, right?
  16. And get rid of such an awesome system? No way!! I can see maybe getting rid of some of the pieces that you won't actually end up using....whether that's in an auction or a giveaway.
  17. Wow, that is really freakin' awesome! Congratulations. How many people did you end up referring in order to win? Let us know when it actually arrives so you can show it off even more.
  18. Whether or not you can really get out of the sandbox again is still debatable, though. Some people claim they've done it, but it's hard to know because there's no guarantee that they were in the sandbox in the first place. Also, here's the wiki on it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandbox_effect
  19. Wow. I'm really not sure how I feel about a leather exterior. It's quirky, to say the least, and that alone makes it worth more....but would I really want to drive a car that's covered in leather? Eh, probably not. That'd make it even harder to take care of.
  20. What do ads have to do with it? With or without ads, a site can be filled with content...or no content at all. Most people aren't talking about ad placement when they're asking about whether a site is thin or not.
  21. I just hadn't seen this thread, so I hadn't joined yet. The contest is over halfway over, but I'll throw my name in anyway.
  22. Sony Vegas, hand down. It's the only program I've ever actually enjoyed using for video. I'd happily try out a different one if someone ever recommended one that actually sounded good.
  23. I took a class in high school that taught me HTML. It was combined with a web design class that also taught us how to use Photoshop. I didn't learn anything about CSS back then, though, so it's just a matter of picking that part up along the way.
  24. Every single additional character is one more chance for a human user to mess up the url. I specify 'human' because sure, a link won't really matter when it comes to length because it will point to the right place regardless. If you expect people to type your domain, though, then you greatly increase the risk of misspellings and typos every time. And if people can't remember your site name because it's too long, then that's even worse.
  25. Yeah, adding tags really shouldn't be up to the forum member and I hate when owners force that. If you really want tags and people aren't doing it on their own, then just add them yourself. As for titles, I will occasionally change those if someone makes a title like "Click here" or "You have to look here!!" I hate titles like that. Otherwise, I don't worry too too much about it.
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