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  1. A great tutorial. PHP does seem to have a bad reputation with some people but it is very powerful.
  2. As most people have said, a good mix is best. However, the PR of a site is no longer so important.
  3. For a number of years I was curious about Linux and when I decided to try it I used Ubuntu.
  4. Although to many it may seem strange to learn assembly language but I think that it is worth everyone learning it!
  5. A great tool. Hopefully it might persuade some pople to try css.
  6. I do use meta tags. I have heard people say that they are not as important as they once were. The way I look at it is that it can do no harm, so it is worth doing.
  7. Everything is geared towards touch now. I would also love that.
  8. I can't think of any technical reasons for keeping them separate. As mentioned, the chance of being hacked could be a positive.
  9. Hello and welcome to the forum.
  10. Hello and welcome to the forum.
  11. Hi and welcome to the forum. I also dabble in SQL.
  12. Hello and welcome to the forum, I also love anime.
  13. Talk Tech News

    PHP IDE?

    Sometimes I use Dreamweaver and sometimes Notepad++. I found out about Notepad++ a couple of years ago and I have been very impressed by it.
  14. I back mine up at the end of every week, without fail as no site owner can afford to lose any data.
  15. Hello and welcome to the forum Melody.
  16. Windows NT...the memories. I remember installing it and thinking that it was no good. I have a vague memory of c/pm.
  17. I prefer Windows 7 to XP. I did like XP, certainly a lot more than Vista. However, I have not had any problems with WIndows 7 so far. It is true that Windows 7 is more suited to a system that has a decent spec, criteria that is not so important with XP.
  18. It will be a shame if Sony does not attend. There does seem to be a change with the big companies. Microsoft for example have said that they will not be going to CES.
  19. I have a number of domains and services with godaddy and have never had any problems with them. A lot of people didn't use them for a while because of their support for SOPA.
  20. It is hard to imagine that Facebook is worth over $100 billion. I would buy shares if there was a big enough drop but what looked like a very solid company now looks very ify. If another company successfully competed with Facebook it could be devastating.
  21. My first language was BASIC and I really got into it as I could see how games could be created. I have heard of Fortran but I have never tried it. When I first had a computer the first language that I got into was HTML.
  22. As mentioned, I would say that the single biggest plus is surely that we can stop using flash.
  23. I love that picture. It could have quite easily been someone that was waiting for a new iphone. I do remember using Windows 95 and thinking that it had some great features. Everything is great at the time...well except for Windows 98!
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