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  1. GeeOne

    Hello DB

    Thanx, yes it seems to be nice friendly community. I am enjoying my stay. G!
  2. Xenforo is the best software for forums and community? G!
  3. Is general chat forum is necessary for any niche? G!
  4. Don't know any language, but certainly like to go for php. As my forum is based on php programming. G!
  5. It's very much working. I think due to heavy back log getting long. G!
  6. Wow that's really a good speed. G!
  7. IMO establishing a forum is not any easy job. G!
  8. Sorry forgot to mention BB. That's nice push mail technology. G!
  9. GeeOne

    Hello DB

    I am enjoying thanx. G!
  10. I think this section can be useful, looking at niche of DB. What are your views? G!
  11. Hi, We want to crate shopping mall section in our forum, can some one please help us? Thanx in advance. G!
  12. IMO, it should not be the case. Please check. G!
  13. But the question is Alexa is right testimonial? G!
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