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  1. Fresh content is need to make the site much busy and make users to interact. It will result in SEO too.
  2. What do you meant by wiki backlinks? Can you link me to the guide what it means and how to do?
  3. I will charge 50$ for setting up site and a vps. If it is requested on my forum, I mostly do it for free unless it involves more work.
  4. What kind of help you need , just ask me. I am bit expert in webmaster field and I hope i can answer all your questions.
  5. Me too love the new layout of outlook and we can have new login to. Outlook looks more professional to me.
  6. Heard that they got sold ? Wasn't that true?
  7. I believe forum posting service will not help to get some unique post. And it is not the way to get active member. I never used forum posting service before and i hate that too as people post only we post.
  8. Just applied for BSA and my forum has more than 300uniques. Let me wait for the result!
  9. Well i always use IPB. IPB looks more sexy and it has more SEO
  10. Welcome aboard here. Have fun.
  11. I am on the SMF hate list too! SMF is the script which i cant handle too. It sucks.
  12. I am using Linux server for more than 2 years and it is best according to me as it uses some low resources.
  13. ahhh! I am new to ME so i am playing with ME3 . It is an different game for me. See the rating and i am playing now!
  14. Thanks for the info which i am in thought of searching for it!
  15. I am playing this on my pc. And i love this game.
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