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  1. Creaky


    New design looks good, can't use my old login though.
  2. All depends what I'm doing, use laptop or iPad when just browsing the net & desktop for everything else.
  3. Not all sites require more than 1 admin, personally I wouldnt give anyone full ACP access to the site.
  4. Through a lot of trial and error, I find that the best way to learn.
  5. Creaky

    PS3 VS Xbox360

    I have both but use the 360 more, everything seems to work much better in my opinion.
  6. New style looks really good, nice work.
  7. It wasnt a very good match, being a Liverpool fan was hoping Bayern Munich would win.
  8. I don't use Steam but enjoy single player games, really hope this doesnt happen.
  9. I always try and make as many as possible, not always easy to do though.
  10. I very rarely use Facebook these days and this just put me off using it even more.
  11. Doom is a fantastic game, bought it recently from the Xbox arcade and been playing it again.
  12. The filesystem is backed up once a week or whenever making any changes, host also backs up daily.
  13. If you're getting a brand new one you may as well go for a new one, it's well worth it and glad I got one.
  14. Also a Liverpool fan so not really bothered who wins,would prefer City to win though so I can wind up a mate at work.
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