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    New design looks good, can't use my old login though.
  2. All depends what I'm doing, use laptop or iPad when just browsing the net & desktop for everything else.
  3. Not all sites require more than 1 admin, personally I wouldnt give anyone full ACP access to the site.
  4. Through a lot of trial and error, I find that the best way to learn.
  5. Creaky

    PS3 VS Xbox360

    I have both but use the 360 more, everything seems to work much better in my opinion.
  6. New style looks really good, nice work.
  7. It wasnt a very good match, being a Liverpool fan was hoping Bayern Munich would win.
  8. I don't use Steam but enjoy single player games, really hope this doesnt happen.
  9. I always try and make as many as possible, not always easy to do though.
  10. I very rarely use Facebook these days and this just put me off using it even more.
  11. Doom is a fantastic game, bought it recently from the Xbox arcade and been playing it again.
  12. The filesystem is backed up once a week or whenever making any changes, host also backs up daily.
  13. If you're getting a brand new one you may as well go for a new one, it's well worth it and glad I got one.
  14. Also a Liverpool fan so not really bothered who wins,would prefer City to win though so I can wind up a mate at work.
  15. I would go with the 360, I don have a PS3 as well though but it doesn't get used that often.
  16. Always best to have a custom skin. I've seen some of Ehren's designs and they look great, looking forward to seeing what he comes up with for you.
  17. Have you cleared your browser cache, may be something in their causing it.
  18. Might want to wait a few days, IPB are now using 3.3.1 on the offical forums.
  19. I've got domains in various places, started moving most of them to namecheap now though
  20. I don't think youre actually getting 4G, reading this it appears to be a marketing ploy only. http://www.neowin.net/news/iphone-4s---now-with-bogus-4g
  21. This won't be needed in 3.3 as the logo has been removed http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/357708-suggestion-remove-ips-logo-from-html-emails/#entry2234877
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