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  1. Personally, I don't like vBulletin, so it would be good to see what they do with this. It would be good if it's modern. Personally, I think vBulletin looks old, and not like IP Board which is a modern forum software.
  2. You can choose to share certain files and block others. That would be the easiest way to do it I would believe. I can't think of any other way, anyways.
  3. If you need more than 3GB of RAM in your computer, then pick 64 Bit. If you don't, then pick 32 Bit. 32 Bit is mainly used for light work, and less RAM, whereas 64 Bit is used for heavier work and more RAM
  4. I definitely wouldn't touch it. I would think it would be packed with malware, trojans and other nasty things and would definitely not want any of that infecting my computer!
  5. Yep, definitely. In order to navigate a website properly, and it to become useful, you need to have good navigation. Some sites simply don't bother to add navigation, and some add it but it just links you to random pages not relevant to what the nav bar says.
  6. That's a good guide that, as I don't like the Godaddy control panel at all - it definitely over complicates things. You can also change nameservers when you purchase a domain, but I'm guessing this guide is changing once you've got the domain (i.e. when you change web hosts etc)
  7. I think that would be a good idea and can be beneficial. That way, you would get more traffic directed towards your "network" of websites rather than primarily just one website.
  8. The only CMS that I've used before is Joomla. I don't like the interface though, and can't get the hang of using it. I don't use CMS for my websites, I find that plain HTML is better than using a CMS system. I do like WordPress (although that's primarily used for blogging) which I like the interface of.
  9. Yeah, I've only seen it being used with cPanel. I've never installed it as a standalone web server like I have done so with Apache. It's definitely a much faster alternative.
  10. mrnothersan


    I've used it before as a ticketing system, but found that it put all confirmations and stuff in spam boxes. I didn't really like the interface either, I found it hard(ish) to use and wouldn't use it on a long term basis. Others might think differently though
  11. I am currently using a free control panel for my server, but I used to use cPanel on it, and would definitely use it if I had the money. Licensing is quite expensive though, but I'll definitely use it again in the future.
  12. I don't use a server management company at the moment, but I've heard good things about SmartServerManagement, although haven't used them directly.
  13. I used to prefer Windows... Now I much prefer Linux (now I know how to use it well). Windows is bad for websites and is slow, but Linux is just faster and much more reliable altogether!
  14. I've seen Litespeed in use and I like it. I think that it enhances a site's performance pretty well. I believe it does use up a bit more RAM, but if you're running a web hosting business, it's worth it!
  15. My most used command is probably uptime and yum. Those are the commands I use most definitely!
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