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  1. I usually use my website's email (blahblah@gamingavenue.net) and usually live with that. But if I were to use a public email, then I would go for Hotmail or Gmail.
  2. Every computer gets a virus no matter what OS they are, you just need to protect yourself from those viruses. There are no such thing as "virus-free" computers. They don't exist, ever. They will get exploited one way or another.
  3. I used to code games back at 2008, haven't really been using this lately, you should see game maker back in 2008
  4. Never really had much trouble with them, but if you say so, they are getting pretty huge. But I would also use something like Namecheap. That's better IMO.
  5. Its gonna be a while before .free domains are public in the internet. Its probably gonna take at least 2 years before you start seeing them around.
  6. I use this on some of my designs, it is pretty useful when highlighting text. Nice find!
  7. .net and .com are the same thing. They really don't have a big difference SEO wise.
  8. It is very difficult to do this. Especially when trying to code, you will run into a lot of bugs and errors, so the theme won't be exactly the same as the one in a PSD
  9. I never liked forum apps anyways. Nor vBulletin in my opinion. Since 4.0, vBulletin is basically trash.
  10. Usually if people don't like my theme, then I make small tweaks with it to try and keep the theme attractive to the users. Its very hard to explain.
  11. looking good Just get a little more SEO in there, and it will gain a lot of popularity
  12. It mostly depends on the use, I mean, I own a gaming network myself, and any websites created under our network will have that header bar that leads to the official site and our community.
  13. Nope, don't pay much attention to my social media, I don't wanna be a typical facebook/twitter addict. Its just not really worth it or interesting.
  14. I learned more about windows 8 now, I am most likely staying to windows 7 as it doesn't really appeal me.
  15. I know HTML, PHP, CSS, SQL, and Java. Thats pretty much it. I am a web developer of course, so I learn those languages.
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