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  1. This thread's motivation comes from seeing so many people posting pointless information about search engine optimisation. My aim is to make an accurate resource on how to do SEO today, and I will be updating with whatever comes to mind over the coming weeks. I encourage people who actually know what they are talking about to post either information or links to pages that have good info on them. I want to keep this thread as clean as possible, so if you post something that has already been posted or it sounds like you are just repeating the usual copy/paste answers that everyone always comes out with, I reserve the right to delete your post. As and when we get good information coming in, I will edit this first post and put down the information here. For now it is just a template of things to come, and an attempt at me to keep some kind of organisation.
  2. When i post link on my comments, moderator delete the link,so how can i create backlinks from blogcomments? Can anybody tell me or give me the approved blog comments address?help me plz..
  3. Hi, i have just been given a HP XEON 3.2GHz server from a friend and am trying to install windows 2008 on it. The original cd drive was CD-ROM which i though was a bit weird, so i replaced it with a DVD drive to try boot from CD, but the DVD drive doesnt appear in the boot priority setting in the BIOS for some reason? So i decided to use USB Using WinToFlash to copy the windows installation to CD, i am getting a black screen with a blinking cursor. I read up that i need to format the drive using filesystem FAT16LBA, which then booted from USB fine. The problem i have now is, when i format using FAT16LBA and copy the windows installation using WinToFlash, it caps my 16GB USB disk to 2GB, and the installation is 3.xxGB. And then when i try to boot from usb and run the setup it tells me boot.wim is missing, and it also takes about 2 minutes to copy the installation over which isnt right.... Does anyone have any ideas? i cant wait to get this server going......better then my P4's Thanks guys!!!
  4. I'm at the point where my laptop needs upgrading and I'm trying to decide whether I'd be better off just buying a new one. I need a new battery, a new CD drive, a new adapter and I want to ditch Vista. For all that, I can buy a low end computer, but the Intel chip designations just confuse me. What I really want is a convertible laptop, but when I started looking at i7 and an SSD, it starts to get pricey. I'm looking at the Lenovo X220t, but am open to other options. Currently, I am using a Dell Inspiron 1720 with a Core2 Duo T8300 2.4 GHz with 3GB of ram. Am I going to kick myself 6 months from now if I spend $1K on an i3 tablet? Is it worth the cost to upgrade to the i7? A BestBuy salesperson told me that new touchscreen technology should be coming out which will make touchscreen laptops possible and that new models should come out with touchscreens. (This is the same guy that told me that you couldn't have a touchscreen with windows -- only with android, so I kind of stopped listening.) Is there really something new on the horizon? If so, I may want to get a low end laptop (if the i3 would be a noticeable improvement over my current specs) or try to make my current laptop last a little bit longer. Basically, what is the difference between the Core2 Duo and a low end i3? And is there new technology on the horizon which will make a sweet convertible tablet more reasonably priced in the near future? Thanks!
  5. HI, I have to transfer files from linux server to windows using secure ftp (sftp) using script.Kindly help me out.
  6. I am in kind of a bind. Every week I restore our production Database into a different database on a different Server for viewing by the users. Both Server are Windows boxes running V9.5 Usually a just do a redirected restore but the datbase is growing by eaps and bounds so this week I decided to drop the target database and then recreate it fresh, set the tablespace and then restore. I dropped the target database and now I cannot recreate it in that instance. when i try and recreate it I get this error: SQL1005N The database alias "dutdm" already exists in either the local database directory or system database directory. I have tried catloging and uncataloging the target database in the instance.. whatever I try it just says the database does not exist. Can anyone help?????
  7. I'm trying to delete the visible image that is let through a clipping mask, so I can make the visible area (of the clipping mask) transparent. I'm using a Pinlight setting with 75% transparency with a "grunge" image over text. I need the torn out areas to be transparent, instead of just white. I'm not sure if this is even possible with photoshop, we shall see.
  8. Thanks for solving the problem.I have used your method and got fine results. plz keep on such as nice sharing!
  9. I am redirecting one domain to another and I've deleted contents of the redirected domain except .htacces file with the following code. Options +FollowSymLinks RewriteEngine on RewriteRule (.*) http://www.mydomain.com/$1 [R=301,L] I don't know why my browser is misspelling the domain from (Example, ListOfCodes.com redirects to ListInCodes.com). The .htacces file does contain the correct domain name and don't know What am I missing? Where did I screw up? Any input is greatly appreciated.
  10. I am a big fan of market samurai, less so domain samurai. I found it cumbersome and not all that useful for domaining. That said, it seems aimed at marketers rather than domainers.
  11. I am really a fresh face in this crowd of online forum members. I have decided to join in these forums as I have some very important things to ask from all of you. I am really not that much of an expert in search engine optimization but I know some things that are worth knowing. As you can see, my web based site is enjoying the number 2 position on the search engine results pages or SERPs of the Big G or Google. The thing that bothers me most is that when I am using the IE or internet explorer, the results are much lower. What are your opinions on this matter?
  12. I have a great suggestion, the best tools that you can get is to have first the know how and then you will have everything for free. So I've found Website In a Day Workshop, is suitable for beginners and novices as well as those who already have some experience with web development. It is a hands on, interactive training and guides you through a step by step process to create a personal or business website of your own, you will create your own website in a single day! Then you will have all the resources for free, Wordpress is a free structure, templates, plugins, etc. You only need to have the know how. Check this one: http://in-a-day.com.au or check also this one http://webdesigncoursesgoldcoast.com/ I hope it helps
  13. Please guide me how can I turn off Windows Firewall? What will actually happen in that case?
  14. Dear All, Can anyone help me so that I can run media files with .webm extension in my windows 7 computer? Which media player should I use?
  15. It’s true that facebook rocking social network site after twitter going well. Everyone known that Facebook has a lot of use and everybody. I individually think it's the top way to converse to other and different people beginning your country or around the world.
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