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  1. I don't have a favourite, I tend to just Google what I'm looking for. I'm using a Windows 7 theme right now based around the sea, very nice.
  2. One of the biggest forums (Hack Forums) charges $18 for L33T, for life. That says a lot.
  3. I check the log files and firewalls to see what's been happening, i.e. failed login attempts, connectivity loss, etc. All done via SSH and it doesn't take me very long. All of my servers have a firewall on with only the essential ports open. All SSH connections are bound to my IP address as well (which is Static) so I'm pretty relaxed as far as SSH security goes
  4. I always do that. It's just common sense in my opinion. If you decide to move host, it can be a complete nightmare to get the domain unlocked and transferred to a different registrar.
  5. I don't spend as much time as I should on my forum, and I only started re-vamping it yesterday after it died out.
  6. Thanks! Updated with our more glamorous looking thread and adjusted plans.
  7. Hello, Astounding Host was formed in early June, of 2011. Our ambition was to provide high quality web hosting solutions, for competitive prices. This is something we've managed to achieve, and continue to be financially profitable. Not only that, but we wanted to provide high quality support for all customers, no matter whether they have the cheapest plan, or the most expensive. We're proud to of conquered that as well. Our hosting services are onshore, partially due to the fact that we believe this is a more stable solution than Offshore hosting -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Speci
  8. Hi, I wanted to go ahead and edit my thread, over here. However I can't, whether this is a permission mistake or done on purpose I don't know. Might be an idea to enable editing of threads? P.s. If a staff member would be so kind to edit my thread for me, I would appreciate that. PM me for the thread contents if so! Thanks.
  9. Thanks Nathan. Could close this thread now I guess
  10. - Answer support tickets that are flagged to management. - Perform fraud checks - Issue refunds if required (which is fortunately very rare) - Perform a security audit - Monitor server loads And it goes on.
  11. I know what you mean. I don't particularly like running Windows on my home PCs, however, I have all the applications I need and know how to use them. Moving my home PCs over to Linux, I'd have to find replacements for those apps and learn to use them, would be a complete nightmare. Maybe one day I'll put Linux on one of my PCs and use it for a few weeks and see how I get on. All my servers run Linux, so I have to know a reasonable amount about Linux and Windows.
  12. Hi, I just wanted to spend a few minutes sharing some feedback with DB. This forum has stood out from many to me, I must say. I love the theme you're using, I cannot criticize it at all. I've never seen it before, although I don't use many IPB forums, so I wouldn't know if it's common or not. The logo is very creative, and anyone with coding knowledge would understand exactly why I will however say though, that your home page (http://Digitize Design.net/index.html) is a little odd. It's almost completely blank except for the navigation, whether this is a mistake or not, I don't know.
  13. How many topics are we allowed to make in the marketing section? I've got one for Shared Hosting, I would like to make another for VPS. Is that acceptable?
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