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  1. Its normal to send them in those format. But without the original EPS files you cant edit. Although it depends on how much you payed for the logo. Anything more that 30$ and EPS is norm. Anything above 10$ SVG is the norm. Anything above 60$ everything you can think of is a norm. Its like having a house without the architectural papers.
  2. I am pretty sure I can do something about it. But I am a bit busy till 5th. After that I can give it a good try. Also logo's are made in illustrator not photoshop. So the files are EPS, Importing them in PSD would change some formattings. Another option would be SVG or vector type. Which you can use with out any issues but you cant edit them.
  3. I was waiting for that info too. Waiting for almost 6 months now. Why do they take so much time lol.
  4. How many? No hiding please I am currently using only 2. And So far I am getting decent resuts. Although I am still not an expert with them, but will get around to it in 2-3 months. Or do you just plain buy services?
  5. That is pretty cool share. I am thinking of trying out some other trackers though. Giving google too much information is not my thing. What can I say I roll in black.
  6. Why go for adsense lol? Better to go for $$ than pennies. Try out sharecash or fileice. You will get more money EVER than adsense. But on the other hand your videos will get flagged too. Unfortuanately Flaggers cant keep up with me.
  7. What do you think about it? I really wish they go to hell for wasting my 6 months lol. But apart from that there is already a Law Suit on Facebook and its investors for hiding the financial details. Thanksfully I waited before investing on their stocks. So no losses. What about you?
  8. Best strategy is to offer more till you get some ratings and reviews and then go less. I use it all the time. And it works perfect. The only problem I face are some guys who want the moon for 4$ and useless fiverr moderators. They totally suck.
  9. I really hope the world will move towards bitcoin. Its a ton better although chances of getting scammed are also much greater on that system.
  10. Why try to reinvent the wheel? Just find trending videos that are getting good comments and views. They got the best chances for going viral. Or you can just go and rip the trending videos that are atmost 3 days old and edit it and then upload. Dont work so much guys. Think simple. Do simple.
  11. Actually its not that good. There is a chance that your adsense account get banned pretty fast. There are many safer methods for normal users to try. Unless you know what you are doing, going blackhat with google is a bad choice. And yeah, I do run occassional checks on DB.net when I see such type of threads. And unfortuantely this is the second time OP did something like this. It sucks lol.
  12. Noted Jessi. I will add you in my contact list and can ask you whenever I need them. Also PMed you my skype.
  13. They are a decent company I agree. Although I am certain you can get some really good forum posters for 20-30cents too. Try searching for them. I had one guy, but he is gone now lol.
  14. Did you write this guide by yourself? Do you mind explaining why I found this on copyscape? http://etechpad.com/...cebook-blogspot Also If I remember correctly, this is not the first time you did this. And I also know that you copied from BHW including the download links. Do remember that we got a few Permanant BHW members here too. You try any more of this....you will be judged accordingly. Hope the mods and admin check this url in Copyscape and see if I am correct.
  15. Hey guys, what happened to the old skin? It was way cooler than this one. Also could you change the icons for the subforums? And the profile box was better on the left side IMO. Anyone else got any other opinions?
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