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  1. rcturbos

    $3 Must Sell

    Yes the payment method would be PP... Would be more then willing to sell it today for the same $3 I offered since I was late replying to you. Status isn't that good since I haven't touched it for a long time. (8months+) but during the time I was advertising it was high!
  2. rcturbos

    $3 Must Sell

    Sorry to post two times in a row. But I officially only want $3 for this domain!
  3. rcturbos

    $3 Must Sell

    Well, I have this order I need to make before Tuesday which is now tomorrow. At the time I was trying to get it ordered as soon as I could because I wanted to make sure I would get it before I needed it. But now that I found money I want $5 again. If you have any more questions just let me know.
  4. rcturbos

    $3 Must Sell

    Ok I can't believe I"m doing this but $3 today only!
  5. rcturbos

    $3 Must Sell

    Well when I first started it up I had it aimed at webmaster/admin it was going good. Then my host got hacked and it all went downhill.. Then I advertised it for sale as a minecraft site. But there are a few things you can you it as: Minecraft site/forum, admin/webmaster, mining (gold,silver, copper mining).. But I'm not looking for much now. Make offers.
  6. I dont outsource very many things, but when I do I pay good expecting good quality. I feel to be successful you should be able to do it all yourself.
  7. rcturbos

    $3 Must Sell

    Ok since the lack of interest I have decided to accept offers under $8.. Dont be afraid to make a offer I need it to be sold!
  8. I have heard about this. awhile ago, while it's rumors I'm sure most of it's true. I think one of those stand up desk would just be torture, I wouldn't be able to stand up all day while at the computer.. I exercise at least twice a day.
  9. So I was just wondering what kind of prices do you guys charge/maybe even pay a coder to code a simple webpage? I use to know how to code good but I forgot it all so I had to start looking around at coders so I want to see what a good deal and whats a bad deal.
  10. I dont know on your last question.. But I would say not being thin would be considered 100-200.. Big I would say 1000+, anything over 800ish shows dedication to me.. IT's all an opinion really.
  11. rcturbos

    $3 Must Sell

    Ok so I need the money right now pretty bad, so I'm selling my favorite domain minersweb.com. It has a great potential and have gotten lots of offers on it but just they aren't interested any more. It expires August 31? Offers I were receiving were $40 t0 $50.. But I will taking offers higher than $7.50.. Whoever has the highest bid on Friday takes it. FYI it's registered on namecheap.
  12. I know I posted in this thread already but just recently I got referred to a site called Code Cademy and I really liked it helped me learn fast and easily. I would recommed this play over W3schools... http://www.codecademy.com/
  13. I dont have a set amount for each day but I do try and make post on it everyday. I wouldn't say exact but probably around 20post a day if not more.. Once it gets kicked started I dont post as much on it.
  14. It's really up to you, but I can tell you one thing about a general chat forum is it's easy to get it active but it's hard to keep it active.. The reason it's easy to get it active is because everyone can join in on the discussions and threads easily.. But they can get bored easily so finding a way to keep the intrested is hard.. I think it can have a good future just depends how you plan it out.
  15. Having backlinks is a big part to having a good PR ranking of your own also having a good alexa rating is mainly backlinks.. So having a good mix of high and low PR ranks is better than all high. Because like Nathan said it will look unnatural to Google. It takes time to have good backlnks so just be patient with it.
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