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    rcturbos got a reaction from jodiann12 in How did you learn HTML/CSS   
    I learned the basic off the following site:
    Then was like you and I started to turn into like videos to learn the harder stuff. I also found some really good tutorials on forums.
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    rcturbos got a reaction from Thomas in Should I Start A Website?   
    It's really up to you, but I can tell you one thing about a general chat forum is it's easy to get it active but it's hard to keep it active.. The reason it's easy to get it active is because everyone can join in on the discussions and threads easily.. But they can get bored easily so finding a way to keep the intrested is hard.. I think it can have a good future just depends how you plan it out.
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    rcturbos got a reaction from Nathan in $1 domains!   
    I just recently today found a coupon code for register.com to register a .com domain for only a dollar!
    Simply signup the domain you want on register.com and when it says coupon code enter the following code:
    And that will make your .com domain only a dollar! I hope this helped some of you guys out!
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