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  1. You still haven't mentioned what doesn't work.
  2. Is it a factory made computer? What's the model? If not, can you at least tell us the motherboard you have in there and the PSU as well. Maybe they can't facilitate an upgrade without being upgraded themselves.
  3. You reached 397 Points so you achieved position 5224 of 74165 on the ranking list (last 24 hours) 79 words. Not too bad for someone with big hands on a brand new 13" Macbook Maybe I'll give it a shot at work tomorrow where I type all day every day lol
  4. I'd make an offer on a fixed price if it's been up for sale for some time
  5. I tend to try and aim for the latest, this way when something newer comes out you're not completely outdated.
  6. Are you copying your previous work of tutorials? If the latter then do it yourself and do not copy paste. What's not working anyway?
  7. It took 30 minutes of using Chrome to never look back. Though I still like IE, I don't use it.
  8. Nice mod man, can't believe I've missed it until now
  9. I've used Elance for a few jobs, mostly good results. You just need to be careful with who you award the jobs to.
  10. I use Chrome, but what I disagree with is the limited type of persona filed under IE... More than half the population uses IE, it should be under "rest of the world".
  11. You're missing the whole point. A Windows admin can not configure and properly run a Linux box nor troubleshoot it when the time comes, same the other way around. Sure he can save on the license and run a Linux box with simple configurations but when the site goes down for hours or even days and the company/client starts pissing away thousands in sales he's out of a job and all of a sudden the license cost doesn't look so bad. No one here is trying to tell you that one runs a simple PHP or mySQL server better than the other, but in some cases it will be up to the software that can only run
  12. Haha it's funny, but I don't agree
  13. For a Linux admin there would be no reason and make no sense to use a Windows Server for hosting php/mySQL, same as it would make no sense for a Windows server admin to use a Linux box. Both take proper configuration and upkeep and that's why you have Linux administrators and Windows administrators. As for the GUI comment, install Server Core and your argument is no longer valid.
  14. I think it's a good move for the company, though probably not for retail outlets!
  15. I've heard its reassurance for the visitors, not for Google!
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