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  1. Keep in mind you want to keep text out of images as much as possible as well. If it's something like a menu, you're better off using CSS to handle background images with real text placed on top so search engines have actual content to index.
  2. I generally try to ask for offers for my domain names, but I know that in reality a potential buyer will ask for a price right off the start. I've bought and sold 3 figure ($xxx) domains and they all required a fixed price from both ends. I'd never make an offer without having a clue where the seller values his domain name.
  3. I think you'll find that most people disagree with that point. I played WOW religiously since day 1 and while one or two people may have laughed at the 13 year old comments daily, the rest of the server never had any issues booting them all from my groups. Blacklist addon = no previous trolls in my groups, I had them all flagged and it worked quite well. The trolls ended up on the losing side every time.
  4. It's the dyno tune of my car, nothing too exciting for the average person. It does seem to show up for quite a few search terms, I find it fairly often myself while searching.
  5. I can't stand numbers in domain names, for that reason I'd always choose "one" over "1".
  6. Setting up a forum is extremely easy. It's as simple as uploading the software of your choice, creating a database in cpanel (1 click), and running through the web based installation. Setting up categories and basic site settings are done through the software's admin panel. What you do beyond that is where it may take more skill and effort. Everything from installing add-ons, custom template designs, etc. From my own polls myBB seems to be the free platform of choice, while IPB and Xenforo are the paid platforms most would recommend.
  7. The current site is really confusing, I'm having trouble trying to figure out what it offers. The domain name itself though is absolutely perfect for a paid posting service. Starting that up would take a decent amount of work though, finding and managing content writers and dealing with transactions.
  8. I wish I could make a few dollars off of my video. I only have 1 video on youtube right now that is 100% unique but it doesn't seem to get too many views. 900ish in 10 months is pretty bad.
  9. It was a pretty famous site around 1999-2003.
  10. My two oldest domains. I have a bunch tied with the second place one. Domain Name: HACKTECH.ORG Created On: 11-Jul-1999 Domain Name: AMDAC.COM Created on: 12-Jan-2002
  11. I'm the same way. Since I own 60+ domains I pay annually for most of them. The only time I register long term is if one of my sites becomes a huge success and I want to make sure there's no chance of losing it, in which case I'll register 10 years in advance.
  12. A lot of it will depend on the topic of the site. There would be a huge difference in what a general forum can sell ads for vs a specific niche such as this site. For more targeted ads, a decent starting point would be $10 for every 5,000 - 10,000 (real) impressions. I generally try to start low to fill up ad slots, then slowly raise the price until I find a decent balance. This is for large banners. I don't have much experience on what sells with smaller image based ads as I rarely use them.
  13. As one of the main SEO representatives of Google, everything I've come across in his videos and blog site are 100% accurate. The difference between Matt Cutts and the self proclaimed "SEO experts" on the internet, is that he actually works for google and leaks some extremely valuable information while busting many myths.
  14. Domain age matters yes, but the video above has a misleading title. It's not actually about domain age but rather how long you register it for. According to Matt Cutts, it has no relevance to rankings.
  15. I tried it out a couple months ago then ended up dropping it again since I had two forums up on the same topic. I feel like it almost has more potential than my current webmaster forum though. I have no clue what to do.
  16. I've come across this video by Matt Cutts that busts this myth. Apparently it was a rumor started by domain registrars to encourage longer term registrations.
  17. webhostingtalk.com - I generally get great results from their marketplace due to the mass number of people that see it.
  18. Hmm it is possible to share the link for the site when you receive it? I've never actually heard of a service like this and would definitely love to see a real review if you're willing to share.
  19. I'm not sure if you have an account on WHT, but I believe most of my ad sales came from that site. Any time a slot opens up, I post an ad there and within 1-2 days someone buys it. So far it's worked well.
  20. I had my second site rejected a couple of weeks ago but it only had 300 posts, I plan on resubmitting it as well once it breaks the 1000 post barrier which is only about 7-10 days away. We'll see how that goes.
  21. It would really depend if it were one or two members or a good chunk of the community. I'd run a quick poll and base my decision on the results. Clearly if everyone hated the design it would have negative effects on your growth.
  22. I'm going to have to completely disagree with the SEO point. As soon as I read that I did a quick look around this site and the first thing I see is that the alt text of the site's logo is "logo". To verify that it's not just this theme I checked with IPB's own support forum and it's the exact same setup. That's not doing a thing for SEO. I'm not bashing IPB but to claim it's superior in terms of SEO to a platform such as xenforo where SEO is one of the primary factors in it's design, is way off base.
  23. If I had great names I'd register them myself (and have). I'd highly recommend you request that people PM you the domain name ideas, it's way too easy for people to monitor this thread and start jacking any names they like or think might have value.
  24. You can increase the crawl rate of your site if you validate it in your google webmaster tools account. I've jacked up the crawl rate on one of my sites to see what happened. I'm not really sure what the results are but it was fun playing with the slider thingy.
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