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    Amdac got a reaction from WisTex in What to do when people don't like the theme?   
    It would really depend if it were one or two members or a good chunk of the community. I'd run a quick poll and base my decision on the results. Clearly if everyone hated the design it would have negative effects on your growth.
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    Amdac reacted to SpikeTheLobster in To all you who say macs can't/don't get viruses   
    That's an intriguing statement. In my (many) years of IT work in a very wide spread of roles, my experience has been totally the opposite. I've run into maybe 20% of PC users who were too stupid to be allowed to use sharp utensils and about the same percentage of Mac users who were smart enough to walk and chew gum at the same time. The average Mac user was completely stupid about the technology they were using. And I mean *completely*.
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    Amdac got a reaction from ChuckTesta in ForumLauncher.com   
    The current site is really confusing, I'm having trouble trying to figure out what it offers.
    The domain name itself though is absolutely perfect for a paid posting service. Starting that up would take a decent amount of work though, finding and managing content writers and dealing with transactions.
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    Amdac got a reaction from legalize in Make Offer or Fixed Price?   
    I generally try to ask for offers for my domain names, but I know that in reality a potential buyer will ask for a price right off the start. I've bought and sold 3 figure ($xxx) domains and they all required a fixed price from both ends. I'd never make an offer without having a clue where the seller values his domain name.
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    Amdac got a reaction from Engo in What is the best software to design Simple Website?   
    For a simple site, notepad all the way.
    Unless I'm using a CMS platform, I use notepad for all my sites. I can't stand site builders and wish they were never created. It's like having a plane take off, fly, and land itself on auto-pilot and then bragging that you're an amazing pilot just because you were sitting in the pilot seat.
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    Amdac got a reaction from Godric in Is paid always better?   
    Erm, this thread isn't about web hosts.
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    Amdac got a reaction from crumblepie in Success with buysellads.com   
    I'm currently running a webmaster forum that's about 2 months old. For the first month I failed horribly at obtaining advertisers. I applied at buysellads.com and once accepted, I had my first advertiser in less than a week. Now roughly a month later, all 3 ad slots are full with more in line waiting once the current campaigns expire.
    I couldn't be more happy with the results and highly recommend them.
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    Amdac reacted to Nathan in getadsenseapproved.com   
    Absolutely. I should have it by Monday (7-10 day turnaround). I'll post up a link after that. If it does work I plan on purchasing a few more as well.
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    Amdac got a reaction from Godric in Choosing A forum Software   
    I'm going to have to completely disagree with the SEO point. As soon as I read that I did a quick look around this site and the first thing I see is that the alt text of the site's logo is "logo". To verify that it's not just this theme I checked with IPB's own support forum and it's the exact same setup. That's not doing a thing for SEO.
    I'm not bashing IPB but to claim it's superior in terms of SEO to a platform such as xenforo where SEO is one of the primary factors in it's design, is way off base.
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    Amdac got a reaction from Godric in Help Me Choose a Domain name for my SEO Service Website.   
    If I had great names I'd register them myself (and have).
    I'd highly recommend you request that people PM you the domain name ideas, it's way too easy for people to monitor this thread and start jacking any names they like or think might have value.
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    Amdac reacted to Nathan in "Staff" image display error   
    Nah, not a big deal, it happens to me all the time. Yeah so F5 just refreshes the page while CTRL F5 dumps the cache as well.
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    Amdac got a reaction from Nathan in Is paid always better?   
    Erm, this thread isn't about web hosts.
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    Amdac got a reaction from ChuckTesta in Disaster Stories   
    I haven't had any bad horror stories yet. My biggest flaw is that I like to make modifications to templates on the fly rather than doing it with an inactive style that nobody can see. Often this results in my site being brutally messed up for short periods at a time whenever I make a mistake, but I can generally fix it pretty quick.
    If my sites were larger, I'd definitely rethink my approach.
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    Amdac got a reaction from Nathan in Is paid always better?   
    I'm going to have to disagree with most of you on this one. It's not that paid forum software is really THAT much better, it's more the image your users see.
    I get turned off quick by small forums running on free software simply because I'm not convinced the admin is going to stick with it since he has nothing to lose. When someone spends $140+ on a forum license, it shows they're more serious and is more likely to stick with the forum throughout it's growth.
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    Amdac reacted to ChuckTesta in What Registrar Do You Use?   
    I'm actually surprised by you all liking GoDaddy. They were firm supporters for the SOPA, which is why Wikipedia decided to finally leave them. Do you all, as site owners, no care about SOPA?
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