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  1. For just straight content, you really can't get better than Wordpress. Hands down, no argument, nothing possibly better. That being said, the free bb scripts drove me completely batty and I found it well worth it to plunk down some cash for vBulletin. Trust me, that's saying something, because I don't like to pay for anything. Just ask my hubs and kids. I'm the original Scrooge McDuck and proud of it. But after a few weeks of wanting to tear my hair out I finally said, "Done! TIme to pay in cash instead of in years off my life and gray hair!"
  2. Yup, mark me as an "oldie", too... Geocities was my first start. Wow, I think back to that and can't believe how far things have come. Did have an SQL driven site that was self-hosted back when I was married to the evil-not-so-genius.... First forum was phpBB... I got into forums a really, really long time after I got into websites/blogging.
  3. Honestly, I love Vimeo... but with Youtube being connected to Google, it would be dumb to not utilize its reach. I'm always shocked at the number of views I get on videos that I just threw together for my kids and so on... It's simply the smart way to go. If I was just using it for hosting, though, and didn't want the reach, I'd choose to use Vimeo.
  4. Oh, that is horrible. My ex-husband worked in IT, so I was already really used to virus protection and being super-cautious online long before I got into IM. One of the few good things I got out of the relationship (the other being my teens, of course!) I guess my best "virus" story is actually from the company that my ex was the IT manager for a few years back. Do you remember the "I love you" virus? My ex tried to make sure everyone knew about it... but the actual boss of the company was a total moron (no really... his dad bought him the company to give him something to keep him busy and
  5. I use vBulletin with their blogging and CMS modules, but I didn't see the value in the mobile app (limited funds and it didn't seem to do a whole lot). I'll be keeping an eye on this to see if it becomes something worth plunking down the cash for! Well, actually, I'll have to have the cash to plunk down first, but I'm working on that part. I'm still really trying to learn how to best integrate the CMS and forum pieces.
  6. Well, whenever they do it (and I heard it was happening in April? But maybe sooner?) I checked PageRank on my personal blog and about fell out of my chair when I saw a PR5. Definitely doing the happy dance over here. I had no idea it would be that high!
  7. I did not know that! Now, should that word count be on a single page or should it be spread out over a couple of pages (like a blog series post where each one is linked to the ones before and after it in the series? Or one mammoth post?) I can see the SEO value of both ways of doing things.
  8. Yeah, that's why I stick with mostly my home-grown crew! If you happen to be friends with a homeschooling mom with teens you could always ask if they wanted to do it as a part of their "technology" curriculum! A lot of homeschoolers are big on making sure their children have actual skills when they are adults, in addition to their basic education. You'd probably be better off if you tried to hire college students instead... they'd be over 18 (not earning you the skeevy perv label) but they're still usually willing to work relatively inexpensively and they're usually native English speaker
  9. You can call them? I just used the "report an issue" button at the top. Hmmmm.... I guess I'll call Monday am to make sure everything is taken care of.
  10. Well, I see that my account has gone from 67 dollars for today down to 18 dollars for today, so I'm guessing my report go through. They didn't send me a message back or anything but it does appear to be resolved to a certain extent. I'm guessing they just removed duplicate clicks to the same advertiser from the same IP.... I read your post to my husband and he died laughing... said, "Do these people know you? You check that thing every few minutes!" LOL Guilty as charged.
  11. Holy frick... I just checked my Adsense account and something is WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD.... I normally have one click through every few weeks.... I have had FORTY FOUR clickthroughs in the past couple of hours. I haven't done it. I quizzed hubby and oldest kids. They didn't do it. Now, I have done a LOT of promotion in twitter and other social media on that page (it's a site with many pages but I'm still building it... only a few pages have actual content. I am literally freaking out over here. Could someone be trying to get me banned??? I reported it to Google. It's not like they aren't going
  12. Just out of curiousity.... those people who are banned... what do they normally doto get banned? Which mistakes seem to be the most common/easiest to make? Advice on avoiding those would probably be big help to newbies. I'm guessing clicking your own ads is a relatively common one?
  13. LOL, no, I got mine the hard way... childbirth and child rearing! LOL... but the nice thing is that they come with friends, now. However, our high school has a web technology class and I've gotten a lot of useful work out of the town geeks that way. It might be worthwhile finding out if your local high school or junior college has some sort of job board.
  14. I have a block at the top and a block at the bottom. After two years (most of which I have been mostly putzing around, I must admit), I'm up to a whopping.... $34. LOL... My 19 year old daughter looks at me funny when I check adsense and say, "Woot! 5 cents!!!" Okay, she's 19, she looks at me funny a lot anyway, but still....
  15. Oh, snap, that's brilliant! I have a lot of "free reports" and so on in development and something like this will do very nicely in terms of helping to build my social marketing profile while still handing things out for free (and good will). Love it!!
  16. If it is something that the user will notice it's pretty important not to do the "ignore it and hope they don't complain" method. When you disappoint your readers you not only lose out on their current interaction... but they will be less likely to take action in the future (such as sharing your links or helping your material go viral). If they don't think they can trust you to keep your word... well, why pass along your material? After a long career in "real life" sales, marketing and customer service I think that you can never go wrong by being more apologetic and more helpful in fixing
  17. I had an interesting white paper on the best times and days for posting on FB... it actually made sense. Early evening hours combined with, I believe, Thursday through Saturday (Thursday because it was the lowest overall posting day so you have less clutter to cut through, Friday because people are already "checked out" of work mentally and want to play... but by Sunday they're trying to get organized for the week.) I'll see if I can find it.
  18. I had some truly bizarre forum comments (that never made it out of moderation). I ran their IP through stopforumspam.com and found a ton of nastiness coming from it. I've banned three IPs (the full IP address, I didn't want to risk weeding out too many legitimate posters) and I've had no issues for a few days now. Granted, I'm sure the next batch will be coming on a new IP, but at least I got a breather!
  19. That's sort of what I do. Just replace the word VA's with teenagers. My teens can write far more intelligibly than most outsourcers and they think having time on the computer is awesome (even if I'm making them work). It's kind of like my own little sweatshop! I'm always looking for better ways to streamline the processes so that I can teach my kids to do the parts that waste my time. I figure it's a good education for them in skills they will eventually want to hand off to their own team at some point in the future.
  20. Do they ever put sites in that aren't submitted? I ask because one of my tools claims that one of my pages is in both DMOZ and Yahoo directories... and I've never submitted to either. Haven't had a chance to go look yet, but I thought it was a tad strange.
  21. Wow... that truly sucks. I'm sorry it was such an expensive lesson, although I appreciate you posting the information so that more of us can avoid that type of lesson. (I guess there are some benefits starting my online business life broke, eh? LOL) Honestly, if anyone just wants links from a specific list of forums with specific keywords and so on... it might be better to hire a college or high school student (or use fiverr). It still won't be guaranteed, but at least it will be cheap. For tasks that don't require a "personal touch" I'm training my 11 year old daughter and 13 year old son
  22. That's good to know, thank you. It's a tool I was not aware of (and free is my favorite word!!)
  23. I think that as long as people have egos there will be a place for sharing in our marketing design. In addition, as much as the world is dominated by the all-encompassing Google monster... it's still important to develop additional sources for traffic. Personally, I think that the illusion of relationship (there may or may not be an actual relationship, but there is often at least an illusion of one) will be an important part in our marketing and SEO from here on out. That seems to be the common thread among the different sites, such as Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. I ha
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