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  1. Best t Yes, check it out, you won't regret. First timers should use Visual Basic, as it's the easiest one available.
  2. Wow, some of those stats are amazing. Thanks for the share, saving this pic
  3. Haha, I find this quite true actually. Google Chrome rocks )
  4. That's crazy, nice share tho. Thanks for it, quite informative
  5. Thanks man, I was looking for something like this. May be useful
  6. kreso93

    WTS Big-Board.net

    Nice domain you got there, good luck with the sales man
  7. I mostly do article writing, I believe it's a best way to boost your rankings.
  8. I think government has that kind of navigation on purpose, to hide that they're not doing anything xD
  9. I feel like they're equal, but .edu domains rank higher on Google, because Google gives them a priority.
  10. I wouldn't risk it, I don't know. Sounds suspicious to me. You don't even know if it's from "Anonymous" or not.
  11. I prefer Youtube, because it's well known and integrated with other Google Products.
  12. Hi Dean, nice to see you here. I hope you'll like it here
  13. I gonna check it out later then, they seem legit judging from their advertisement.
  14. Wow, I actually did some of those mistakes a million times. Thanks for sharing this, gonna incorporate this into my strategy.
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