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  1. Best t

    Yes, it's free. Microsoft is a lot more welcoming of free users lately. You can even get a (limited) version of Visual Studio for free here. It depends on what you want to do, because some stuff is paid, but I definitely suggest you look around on there and see what you can use.


    Yes, check it out, you won't regret. First timers should use Visual Basic, as it's the easiest one available.

  2. Ok, for everyone tring to learn PHP, I will recommend this site TIZAG




    Just got it while searching on the net and it is a good resource.


    Thanks man. I was looking for something like this. I want to know how to make administration panels for websites, because I would like to be a website designer and I managed to learn the visual part of website building. Now it's time to start learning what's under the hood.

  3. Right, here goes. All mods in green text means they are updated to Beta 1.5_01, if red they are outdated.


    MineColony - Still not been updated since 1.3

    MrMessiah's Better Light - This has now been implemented into Minecraft.

    MCEdit - http://www.minecraft...15522#Downloads

    HD Texture Fix - http://www.minecraft...f=1021&t=252531

    Mo' Creatures Mod - Disappointingly nothing since 1.3

    Charlotte - Unofficially updated http://www.minecraft...f=1032&t=316959

    Optimine - Unofficially updated http://www.minecraft...t=264418&f=1032

    Quintessential Creatures - Nothing since 1.3_1

    Extended 2x2 Grid Crafting - Nothing since 1.3

    Human Mode (Renamed to Humans+) - http://www.minecraft...ic.php?t=103072

    King's Mod - (Hasn't been updated since 1.2_02)

    Battle Tower's Mod - (Hasn't been updated since 1.1_02)

    Nandonalt's Mods - http://www.minecraft...ic.php?t=120185

    Controllable Pigs - Nothing since 1.3

    Controllable Wolves (Similar to above) - No update since 1.4 http://www.minecraft...f=1032&t=254860)

    In-Game Inventory Editor - http://www.minecraft...f=1032&t=152174

    Convenient Inventory - http://www.minecraft...p?f=25&t=162534

    Planes - http://www.minecraft...p?f=25&t=198188

    Dragons - Nothing since 1.2

    Pokéballs - http://www.minecraft...f=1032&t=211432

    Single player commands - http://www.minecraft...f=1032&t=100267

    Shelves - http://www.minecraft...?f=1032&t=80246

    Pistons - http://www.minecraft...f=1032&t=247686

    Obsidian tools - No updates, but there are a lot of mods with this included.

    IndustrialCraft - http://www.minecraft...f=1032&t=199635

    Portal gun mod - http://www.minecraft...9547b462123d04d


    Nice man, I gonna try the IndustrialCraft one, I heard that it's awesome :D

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