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  1. [ They probably made it to earn some money on the old fame, nothing more. It's same like with the Need For Speed series. It's all about the money.
  2. I would like that a sequel for Empire Earth is released. The last EE was awful. If only they would make an updated version of EE2 (better graphics and effects).
  3. That spec will serve you for at least three or four years, even more. The specs and software requirements change every few months, and cheap specs get too "old" in no time. It's better to invest more when you're buying a PC so it'll last longer.
  4. I know that, but still when you overclock you lose warranty for that specific component. Check the warranty sheet you get with your components, they all say that if you cause the component to mail function by tampering with it and overclocking it, they won't accept your warranty.
  5. I never understood why people buy Apple laptops. All the stuff you can do on them you can easily do on a standard Windows one. Not to mention that there's more software and games that you can use on Windows than on Mac.
  6. Damn those are good ones. I might start playing Minecraft again after this. Too bad it gets too boring for me after time :/
  7. Haha, for me too lol. The games these days are all about graphics, and story line sucks. I won't pay $40-50 for a game to find out it's a piece of sh*t.
  8. Best way would be to store your "private" files to the USB and then encrypt them with BitLocker. Easiest way tbh
  9. Nice tools you got there, gonna check it out when I get back home. They seem like I could give them a good use.
  10. You just gave me an idea to check the stores if they're selling floppy discs still. I don't recall seeing them in stores for a while now, maybe they've quit selling them.
  11. $400 bucks is good money for that kind of forum. If it were more active, it would have a better price and all, but as you said, it's a computer game and specific games are a targeted marked, most of the users are not aware of games like that. The same thing happened to me a while back, with a SAMP community. We had around 130-150 members, and around 40-50 players average that were on the server, but when I tried to sell it, no one was interested in buying it. Try it for a couple of weeks and then try dropping your price. Or better yet, try selling it to your users? (dedicated fans of the game
  12. Well, they use old PCs in schools, so floppy disks were still in use. I mean, 3.5mbs are enough to save couple of word files and things like that, and they were pretty cheap, so during a test we would just give the floppy disk to the professor and he would evaluate our work/test or whatever we were doing. Damn, I miss them, gonna install a floppy drive in my PC now xD
  13. Hahaha, that's awesome. I didn't knew that you can do that with floppy drives. Geez, I remember we used them in schools up until '08 lol
  14. Damn, I stopped counting them really, probably more than I'll say atm: 12 net.hr emails 1 Gmail 3 Hotmails 5 Yahoos
  15. Lol, doesn't sound real to me, especially the last part. But if this is really legit, it sounds awesome. Technically, space is not under jurisdiction of any country in the world at the moment.
  16. Hey man, welcome to the Forum! I hope you'll enjoy it here
  17. Arma II is not that good, I guess this was just a marketing trick. I played it and it's really buggy, and sometimes AI is acting all retarded on you. There are better games than Arma.
  18. I really want to learn C++, but unfortunately I don't have any free time to do it at the moment. Other than that, C# would be cool to learn as well.
  19. The 4th topic seems interesting to me. Posting that would be awesome . I'm looking forward to it.
  20. kreso93

    Basic PHP Guide

    Wow man, I am surprised that you got no replies. Personally, I am starting to learn PHP cause I need it for web site designing, at this is a great way to start and get a hang of it. Nice work man, keep it up )
  21. The negative effects are: - Warranty voided - Increase in noise - Increase in temperature - Your parts "age" faster - Possibility of damaging your parts - You can overload your PSU
  22. Check your motherboard instructions manual for taking out the cooler. It usually requires you to lift the plastic pins (or what the word is) and basically lift the whole thing. To remove the dust from the cooler, use a vacuum cleaner, ear cleaners (sticks) and hair dryer is a good tool to remove the dust too. If you have a compressor for filling air in tires (pump) you can use that, cause it has more power than a hair dryer or a vacuum cleaner.
  23. The most important difference is that a 32 bit OS can't recognize or use more than 4GB of RAM, while 64bit OS can recognize more than 4GB of RAM. That's the key difference. Now, if you're not running a server or something like that, you don't really need more than 4 GB of RAM, but since most of new computers come with 4+ GBs 64bit OS's are now a standard. DDR3 RAM's price gone down for 50-60% in the last two years, so it's pretty cheap now.
  24. Try connecting it to a different USB port. Best way is getting a keyboard with PS/2 connection, and see if the problem is solved. I mean, why using an extra USB slot when you have a connection for keyboard only? That's just my opinion tho.
  25. If he changes permission for his brother's account, his brother will still be able to see them because he's an administrator. The best option is to make your brother's account a "standard user" or a "power user" (power user is disabled in updated WIn 7 version tho).
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