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  1. Dreamweaver is no doubt the best out there, but it's semi-unrealiable. It uses an IE6 style system, so when styling in Dreamweaver and testing in browser it could look completely different. I use Notepad++ for most of my design. I don't design much though, I'm usually in PHP. I do use Dreamweaver for the PHP code, due to syntax highlighting and error reporting.
  2. I know a lot of PHP and SQL, a good enough amount (to survive) of HTML/CSS. I know some C, VB.net/C#, and very very small amount of Perl.
  3. The official Anon group released a statement saying that they didn't have a hand in it. Just to be safe, I wouldn't use it. But, more then likely it's just the creators making an attempt on a massive bot net.
  4. Moving files via ssh is really just renaming them. Say the file is called "/home/pictures.tar", you would just use the rename command to rename it to "~/pictures.tar" and then remove the file from the original directory. There may be a simpler way, but that's the way I've done it since I started linux.
  5. I wouldn't disagree that it teaches you bad habits. Though C# and VB compile to the same thing, and are essentially the same thing. C# would get you a lot more experience in higher level coding (ex. C, C++, etc)
  6. I've made a YouTube bot in VB.net before. It utilized the web browser controls, which isn't hard to learn. How mine worked was it used the web browser to find the class with the specified ID, then it would take the appended action. Whether that being input text to a field or clicking a button. But, I'd recommend a .net language if you don't know any others. It's a good starter language.
  7. Thanks for making me feel welcome, I usually avoid posting in places like this for the fear of rejection.
  8. I think .net will get larger. It's slightly cheaper, and people investing in websites (first time developers) will always go for the cheaper domain. Also, as far as I know, .net is still a TLD. I've had a .net since 2010, it's paid until 2013 which I plan to keep for years to come.
  9. Hey everyone, I'm Scott. I'm a freelance website developer (PHP/HTML). I have a terrible design skill, however backend coding seems to be my best skills. I'm always open to helping people, as long as you have reasonable requests and don't ask for an entire system that will cause the world to do a black flip, I'd be more then happy to help!
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