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  1. I *may* be interested. Is the payment medium Paypal?
  2. I don't think he is referring directly to bitcoins. However, the concept is similar.
  3. For a second, I misunderstood the 100 post requirement and nearly fainted . But I see I am the #2 right now of eligible people (once I make two more posts for 100). Challenge accepted.
  4. JHTech100

    What is CakePHP

    I haven't used CakePHP specifically before, but it really makes things easier. Instead of me spending hours of the working on a database class, then this, then that, I can just get straight to work with the important classes. Plus, it gives me working code (PHP often just doesn't like me). Myself, I use FuelPHP because of the docs and the enormous amount of features. For smaller projects, you may want to look into Laravel. Its Blade template engine blew my mind.
  5. I think just because of how different the two companies and products are make this rumor false. But you never know if Apple is looking for something to replace Ping in iTunes, but just be much broader.
  6. Hey everyone, I was surprised to not see a Mountain Lion thread here yet, so I figured I would start it. Who has already upgraded their Mac? How do you like the new features like Notification Center, updates via the MAS, and easy encryption of external drives? Myself, I haven't been able to upgrade yet. The MAS continually throws and error when I click to buy and install. I am going to have to move 100GB+ of stuff out of my Mac and reinstall... Grrr.
  7. I've read some stuff about Mint and seen some pictures. It looks like it has a pretty nice UI to it. For a desktop, I may try it in the future.
  8. Okay... I am usually great at reading scrambled words. But that sentence confused me for a while.
  9. First target: Microsoft.com . LOL No, but seriously, this is fun to play with. The person who came up with this was/is a genius!
  10. JHTech100


    Welcome to the community!
  11. According to you, I joined the hipster crowd a few years ago... XD I'd prefer not to think of myself as a hipster, more as someone who wants an OS that doesn't crash every 5 minutes on 5 year old computers.
  12. I've hardly heard of COBOL and definitely haven't used it, however, I don't believe a programming language truly dies until it is no longer developed for used. As long as there's a medium-sized project on it, the language is still alive, in my opinion. It's like if everyone leaves PHP, but Facebook uses it. I wouldn't say then that PHP would be dead.
  13. It depends on how different the topics are. If they're considerably close, then I think one website is better than 100 pointless ones. But if they're quite different, I would set up a different one for them.
  14. It's sad that a huge network makes those bad mistakes. I can imagine this happened in the offices.
  15. Adding to my earlier post: Web 2.0 is the social web. Out with static content, and in with a vibrant, dynamic, and sharing web. It's a whole concept. Along with the design changes I mentioned at the top of the thread.
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