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  1. Visit the Typing Test and try! Not too bad if you consider that English is not my native language.
  2. If you have the opportunity, then register both of them. Depending on the contents of your website you may choose which one to use as primary domain, but I feel that .net is more a TLD for community websites - such as forums or blogs - while com is more a "general purpose" domain. Also bear in mind that the ctrl-enter combination appends .com in most browsers (like if you type 'google' and press ctrl-enter it will send you to www.google.com).
  3. Dreamweaver isn't all that good. It usually inserts loads of stuff that you don't really need. Getting WYSIWYG code to validate by the W3 standards can be a though job as well. If you're looking for the web 2.0 design, you should be looking at CSS 2 and 3. Especially border-radius, box-shadow and the gradient tools. I haven't used Dreamweaver for a while, but I don't think it supports those things. I prefer to code all my pages by hand in Notepad++.
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