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  1. Its actually an awful and not legal method, but as I wanted to experiment this, I used a mass Twitter follower software, which boosted my account with so many followers within few days! I do think that to promote your business, relevant people should follow you on twitter, but apparently, just to increase business, I used that software!
  2. I used to get this error when my keyboard port was facing some issues! "Keyboard Error - Press F2 to Continue" You may have seen these kind of things on facebook pages, but seriously, I've faced this error message!
  3. Certainly! During this very time, I came to know what is a computer and how it can make my life amzing! I really wonder how I used to enjoy my time on a computer that ran on 200MHz Intel Pentium with 32MB of RAM! Nowadays, I meet some people who are not satisfied with 4GB RAM!
  4. It felt really nice to read something like this! It is hard to believe that in today's competitive world, anyone would do such a sacrifice!
  5. I am personally a fan of desktopwallpapers.in They provide the best wallpapers with some new 3d wallpapers, which makes your desktop look great!
  6. I am personally fond of C language, and being in Electronics field, currently, I'm concentrating more on Embedded C language!!
  7. Not really! I just clean it up once in a blue moon! Its not that I'm lazy, somehow, I find it quite nice if I get the icon at the same place as it was before! So as to avoid unnecessary mouse movement!
  8. That is very observant or a reality I can say! It is not always like, you'll get a full performance when you opt for a Tablet! Obviously, some of the key features of desktop, like better processing and multitasking can be given a secondary preference!
  9. I don't think this is the case! Cause, when we say, general chat, anything related to general activities can be discussed here. It is not even the case that people are not at all posting in any other sections and just bumping into this category in the forum!
  10. I think the services providing dedicated servers do give you a kind of relaxation on some topics such as security and maintenance. I mean to say, at a time, how many things you'll be handling? It would be tiresome to maintain the site/blog along with the server. That is why, using the services will be the better option than to run the server at home!
  11. Android any day! I really love this operating system because of whole bunch of softwares at my disposal! I really like to download the applications that suit my interests and also some entertainment based applications like talking cat, etc. Whereas iOS seems to be loosing its touch on its customers! I think the best iPhone ever made was iPhone 3G S, and after that it kind of started depriving!
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