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  1. That's missing from the infographic for sure - under Firefox you also need "People wearing tinfoil hats that are scared of Microsoft and Google"
  2. Wow.... more iPhones are sold every day than humans are born? That's crazy! Wonder how long until Apple saturates that market, with a demand like that.
  3. Collin1000


    I'm new here! Depending on how much time you spend online, you may know me from somewhere else. I go by Collin1000 and I am in many places all at once. You can follow me on Twitter if you really want to: @Collin1000
  4. While the "potential" customer may always be right, you need to vary this based on the market. Home Depot isn't going to change their method of doing things just because one person thinks it should be a different way. On the other hand, a freelance designer should more or less do whatever they are told to do, and only give their opinion when asked. If it looks awful, it looks awful, but it's what the client wanted.
  5. There are two different PRs, as others have mentioned. The PR you and I see gets updated roughly once every 90 days, but that's just a rough number. Could be two months one time and four the next, you never know. Internally, Google re-ranks your site daily, who knows, even hourly perhaps.
  6. I'm not sure that it's a bad thing. Facebook is on it's way to be the #1 website on the internet, and is already #1 in terms of time spent. (Sure, Google has the most traffic, but that traffic leaves after a minute.) Social interaction is what spawned the net in the first place, and forums are growing and adapting to what people expect in a website. It just happens to be Facebook-ish.
  7. Any of you use Capital One's online banking? Their interface reminds me of that exact comic. It seems like every link I click on, I need to sit at a "redirecting" page, then get redirected, then go somewhere else. Why can't you just CLICK and GO like 99% of other normal websites on the internet?
  8. I'm with Namecheap, always have been for as long as I can remember really. I did have two or three old domains on GoDaddy, but like many of you, I transferred out after the SOPA/PIPA backlash. And the elephant thing, too.
  9. There's plenty of these posted on DailyWTF, always good for a read. http://thedailywtf.com/Series/Error_0x27_d.aspx I think the worst I've ever seen was my bank account, which gave me an error for my password being too long. >_<
  10. I upgraded all of my sites. (Kinda have to...) 3.3 is very nice, I'm very happy with it. Not run into any issues yet, really. A solid release! (I'm biased...)
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