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  1. __Darknite

    What is CakePHP

    As Marc and redinit has pointed out CakePHP is a web "framework" however the Major point around CakePHP is that it is an MVC framework. MVC is (Model, View, Controller) software design pattern. Its worth learning, as a super primer start here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/26685/what-is-mvc-and-what-are-the-advantages-of-it
  2. Cool yes, original no: Johnny Lee done this back in 2007 using a Wii: http://johnnylee.net/projects/wii/
  3. Agree 100% Life is more than just some fancy car, some mansion. I know people who chase after these things, but waste there entire life doing it!
  4. Yes, the # sign is still used. And yes you can use them together thus: HTML <div id="Header" class="big"> bla bla bla </div CSS #Header { margin:4px; color:#ddd; } .big { fonts-size:1.8em; }
  5. Good write up Victor. The only thing I would say is that for completeness, you could also add: Self Hosting But that is not usually an option.
  6. I think the CSS Id tags are still needed. You may have very special cases an example would be a website Title/logo title. There would be no point in making theses classes as they only appear once.
  7. The "#" references an element by Id (and you can only have 1 element with that Id) Example: HTML <span id="Foo">Hi</span> CSS #Foo { color:red; } Hope that helps
  8. What specific things do you want to learn about ajax? I can give you a super basic tutorial right here: Overview: * Using JavaScript you create an HTTP Object, and then make an Asynchronous call (either HTTP Get, or HTTP Post). * Usually you define a "callback" function, that executes when the server responds with data. * In your callback function, you then render the data on the client side. * During the process, the page does not need to refresh. So on the client side: small ajax library functions //======================================================= // Aja
  9. I must admit I have never had any issues installing Chrome on Ubuntu.
  10. There are a number of anti-spam techniques, however please keep in mind that nothing is 100% effective: * Honey Pots: place hidden fields above actual fields. Dumb bots usually always fill in the first set of fields they find and post those. * Page Timers: Humans will never land on a page and submit it immediately. You can put in a 2-3 second rule. As soon as a user lands on the page, start a timer. When they submit, include the timestamp. Any posts that are less than the bot threshold should be discarded. * Link Counting:any more than two kill it. * IP Block: have an list of banned IP.
  11. Using that definition, in theory old school BBS bulletin boards would also fall under "Web 2.0" surely?
  12. It was registered in 1997, doesn't mean it was used in 1997
  13. __Darknite


    I'm planning on doing some free open workshops on game development in the UK. I'll try and get the events filmed if possible. I know a lot of programmers who are interested in game development and its something I've been putting off for a long time. I'll keep you posted if you are interested.
  14. Its horrible language no offence to anyone. It was a language experiment that went horribly wrong
  15. __Darknite


    Game development requires its own domain knowledge. Don't focus on the platform because game X was developed using it. Focus on general domain of game theory. Once you have a solid grounding in game mechanics and design. These are transferable to ANY language and platform. In order to get into game development. Start off small, create something like "Pong". Pong will teach you pretty much 80% of game domain: * Game Loop. * AI. * Collision detection. * Object state. * Environment State. * Point mechanism. * Graphics Rendering. If you have any specific questions jus
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