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  1. Great, good luck with the fix ....
  2. I imagine the time needed to re-code will be lengthy. Weighing the options of going forward as it is or waiting for the IPB compliant version? I tend to tweak new software out quickly and in detail. Would hope a compliant version wouldn't effect the tweaks and changes I made to the outward appearance.
  3. I see where the main layout looks like it was designed for domain name sales. I assume simply changing the wording while keeping the logic I can adapt this for products, etc? I'd like to change some fields to the company providing the item, the suggested retail price etc.
  4. I will be purchasing and testing the auction software this week on my Forum. I will list some fake products etc and have my participating beta members run it through it's paces. I'll post bugs / suggestions etc here. Thanks
  5. I researched merging the two a few years ago and didn't find many good methods. Haven't revisited doing so since. There are great benefits to having your forum database work with Wordpress. There are so many useful plugins for the user on WP that are lacking on the IPB side. Also, the ability for logged in users to post to a WP article would be highly beneficial.
  6. Wiley

    Slight Delay

    Nice, be sure you post the link to purchase here
  7. Wiley

    Slight Delay

    Great. Hope it all works out
  8. Wiley

    Slight Delay

    How's it coming on the fix? I'm going to run a test version on my site for a could weeks when PA is available and could give useful bug reports.
  9. Wiley

    Slight Delay

    Even though I am going to test it for a week or so on my site, it's best not to release yet knowing there are bugs you could fix. Look forward to the release.
  10. Does the auction show the (user)name of the current high bidder? This would be a huge plus, especially if the username must be registered with the forum.
  11. Wiley

    Slight Delay

    Very good. Hope to be one of the first to purchase.
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