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  1. The radiofrenquencies health disaster is not for tomorrow, it has started, it is going on now !! Brain tumor and cancers are rising specially among children. More and more women with no family history are developping breast cancers. there are more and more autistic children, now US prof. George Carlo has established that radiofrequencies alter the blood-brain bareer, this facilitating the fixating of heavy metals in brain fostering autism. All this is wiedely known, but givernments and firms di nothing because there is much money at stake, and we do nothing because we love our wireless toys.
  2. I think lyrically Bob Dylan is right there, but taking into count creativity, songwriting and the music I think it is John Lennon and it isn't close. The way he could put together a song so effortlessly is just incredible. Songs like In My Life, Dear Prudence, You've gotta hide your love away, Nowhere Man, Day in the Life, just so many incredible songs.
  3. A laptop has more functions and more software compared to a ipad. Anything a ipad can do, a laptop can do better as well. A laptop has internet websites with adobe flash that you can watch videos and movies. Adobe flash does not support the ipad or any ipod device. A laptop can also be used as a e-reader if you like to read books in electronic form like the ipad. The ipad is overprice and with that price you might as well invest in a laptop computer.
  4. We need to build a separate part of the internet that is WWW-like based on torrents. So anyone can be a host of a site. This would help sites like the Pirate Bay et al a lot, too I guess. Just poking an idea here.
  5. I'm not surprised that Facebook leads the voting so far because most people use it to connect to friends and family as well as Brands. I'd like to see results for "Your preferred social network FOR..." and insert any number of things such for marketing your business, for news, for customer contact, etc.
  6. I have currently a gold membership (where you cannot edit HTML content), just to try it out and I am not having much luck. I have different niches and direct sales ads, but it didn't work yet as planed, and for beginners I wouldn't like to pay that much for the premium membership, when you can work traffic in a lot of other ways, and not investing anything. Its another traffic source, but for now I have my reserves, until I can say something more about it. Regards!
  7. Your list of 10 Social Media mistakes are spot-on! Granted there is a lot more that can be communicated to business owners to help educate them on how to utilize social media and marketing within that realm to help their businesses succeed, but you’ve covered some critical points, well done! As a web designer and social media marketer myself I can vouch for what you’re saying here. Thank you for helping to inform the masses, people need to understand this stuff because it’s not going away anytime soon.
  8. Want to make more money than just from YouTube ads? You should try Panovax, our video ad revenue platform. It's totally free and no risk to you. We designed this as a supplemental way for great creators like yourself to make real money off your videos. It's really easy, just sign-up and then connect directly with 3rd party advertisers. The platform then re-posts your videos on youtube, viddler, and other networks with a special commercial before your clips.
  9. Whether Pinterest is just a fad, or the next big thing is a debate going on in the legal marketing world right now. Marketers are trying to figure out a way to fit the square peg of legal marketing into the round peg of images on Pinterest. Time will tell who is right.
  10. Making money online is really not that easy, you need to spend time and you need more dedication for greater results. I've once heard of Microworkers from one of my friend and he say's that they are legitimate and paying good. I've been thinking that I'll try it one of these days.
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